Day 5 Needful Things…




Now why do we NEED these cute little tins?  Storage…we know it’s all about decluttering and storing our things beautifully….and when Moda released these little tins…I just had to have one of every size…As you can see in the following pics you can use them for sewing storage….or I have one in my purse for those moments you just need a “hit” of dark chocolate!  You know what I mean..and they’re not squishing around in the bottom of my purse when in hot/sunny CA…they are stored nicely in my moda tin…These tins are so well done too!

img_9907-copy img_9187 img_9186 img_9185 img_9184

Obviously I do not have to talk you into these too hard especially when you see the price…all 3 for $10!  BUT we only have 50 sets…So put your order in ASAP if you really want these!  MODA TINS

Winners of yesterdays WOOL bundles are…

December 19, 2016 at 12:49 pm
I love to work with wool! I don’t know if I have a favorite; each project is my favorite at the time. Haha! I enjoy working with wool because it’s so forgiving, and it’s a nice project to have handy to stitch while watching The Good Wife (that show is addictive). Your wools are so nice! I just might have to take advantage of this sale — my stash is getting low!!

Teresa McGee
December 19, 2016 at 1:14 pm
Well for me, it started while visiting my Mom in Illinois about 6yrs ago I think! I spotted a new quilt shop by Mom’s and having taken hand quilting back in 1980 and never pursuing further, you know first child etc. it sparked my interest. I was in there exploring you might say, for quite awhile. I chatted and asked questions trying to update my learning. But quickly fell in love with a sample , of your snowman pin cushion made with wool embroidered. I asked the woman how hard it was to learn embroidery, oh not hard! Then next question how long to make that pincushion? Of course, she did it in one day! Well ok, I expect longer for me. So I purchased the pattern, wool, Valdani thread, needles and embroidery chart! My idea was to make a few for Xmas gifts. Well, everyone received their cute pincushions that year! To be exact I had made 3, I was so proud I had accomplished my new skill! So the story goes, that was it for me ! I am a huge wool embroidery fan . I have even expanded my friends down in Texas to this skill. You know wool/embroidery. was not down here back then So I was stock piling from your shop patterns, and wool from the web. Of course my favorite project is still the snowman!

Sue T.
December 19, 2016 at 9:18 pm
I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with wool. Your santa and tree mat is front and center on my coffee table. I am off to the quilters with a 12 block wool appliqué Autumn quilt the I recently finished and I just started your wool snowmen ornaments and the Home pin cushion. You have the best wool selection around!

Karen Seitz
December 19, 2016 at 8:22 pm
I have made several wool projects and love working with it. It is so forgiving, so it is a great introduction to hand applique. I’m not sure I have a favorite wool project, but I sure like your log cabin sewing machine pincushion and have made more than one of them!

Julie Scott
December 19, 2016 at 9:20 pm
I discovered wool applique in early 2015, and I have been hooked ever since! I have completed 3 BOMs, but haven’t sewn them together. One of these days! In the meantime … on to the next project!!!

Winners…contact Amy at:    send her your name and address to send your prize…you have until 12/31/16.

I’m going in to work today for a bit…feel a little better…nose stopped running…but I also am working on frosting my cookies today…did one batch this morning…baking is done…just need to frost and sprinkle!img_9183-2 img_9178-2 img_9177-2 img_9176-2

So…do you want to win a set of MODA tins?  Comment today is..Tell me what you make for Christmas …I make…homemade, caramel corn, peanut clusters, cut out cookies and thats it, my Mom makes divinity and  fudge so I don’t make those..I would love to try caramels  and toffee-maybe next year!…if you don’t make food…maybe you make all your gifts?

Only four more of these countdown days left!!! It goes so fast!!!LB





Any size bundles, they come approximately….small 7″x 8″,  medium 8″x14″ and large 14″x16″…any and all 5″ charms 10 to a pack….all 25% off…Nice Sale!….This is a great way to get lots of different textures of wool in many colors!!!  I really don’t have to tell you that this is all great wool…and you will never be disappointed in any of it…  WOOL BUNDLES & CHARMS


img_9890-copy img_9901-copy img_9888-copy

This is a great pick of the wool colors…at least on my computer it its!!!


Short post today…I have such a runny nose/watery eyes  and sore’s a bummer…kissing “little man” too much when he had a runny nose…can’t was worth it!!!

Winners of all three rulers are:

Lisa Mikel
December 18, 2016 at 7:43 pm
I have your 2 small itty bitty rulers and they are awesome! I would love to get your 5 X 15 ruler too. Its on my Christmas wish list. I would love to win a set and have duplicates since I have 2 cutting stations and use both when sewing. I also have a friend that comes to sew with me that uses my rulers when we sew together. Your rulers are my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win. Lisa

Geri Sherwood
December 18, 2016 at 12:44 pm
I love your rulers but I think I might need another set. One for quilt camp so they stay packed and I don’t forget them. I live the 1/8″ markings

winners…please send Amy your email address at:      you have until Dec. 31-16

To win a wool bundle please comment with…Tell me about your wool experience…have you made many wool projects?  Just a few?   Never?…If it is never…besides being allergic tell me why?  Tell me about your favorite wool project…I don’t care if it’s not one of my designs…Did you ever win an award with a wool project?  Just some questions to ponder…I’ll be reading them while I’m nursing this cold…and watching “The Good Wife” currently on season 4…








I can’t believe how much I love/have to use my rulers that I designed with Creative Grids…I have lots of other rulers from creative grids…but once you get used to using these with all the lines being dashed…there’s no going back…I am constantly looking for my rulers when cutting…where did it go?…who used it last?…this is at the working studio…I asked Amy to go get three more sets from the warehouse so every cutting station had one…I also know that some of you have 2 locations you sew at …the cabin and at home…or you leave a set of supplies in the car because your always going to quilting each week…right Shirley from CA?  I loved that she just keeps her quilting stuff in the trunk and aways has it because she has serval sewing events during the week.  So what I guess I am say is…if you already have these now may be a good time for a second one…or if you have 1 or 2 of them…it’s a great time to pick up the latest one…

So WHY are these so SPECIAL?…It’s really very simple…besides that fact that they have the 1/8″ markings and the dashed are different for the even and odds..SEEING your fabric at all time is the REAL reason for success of this rulers popularity.  Here is a closeup so you can SEE what I’m trying to say…see how we can see the actual fabric and it not under a line…because then we have to wonder are we on that side of line or are we in the center…with my rulers you can tell and when were doing some little piecing this ALL matters.  The ruler come in 3 sizes for now…3″x7″, 6″x6″ and 5″x15″, this one has the 3/16″ line for cutting wool stems and the 5×15 size makes it easy for you to cut your own 5″ charms…

If you also notice…I have no 1/2″ like the some of the other CG rulers…I have messed up cutting a time or two with those 1/2″…so not on these rulers.  Plus the big thing here is if you are not cutting accurately you cannot stitch accurately… this is a huge part of being accurate and things coming out perfect or darn near..everytime…I’m good with darn near…But we all are happy with things go together well…and this is another key to it.
img_9170So the deal with these rulers is they are price protected, they can’t be put on sale..But we can give you something if you purchase them…If you buy  one of the rulers we will include a new pattern called “Little Patriot”, shown here…coming out in February…so none of you have this one yet!!!img_9171I just reversed the colors and only used three prints here on this little “test” quilt….

If you buy the whole set of all three we are going to give you a 5″ charm pack plus the free pattern…that’s a $17 value.  itty-bitty-free-charm-1So I hope these little incentives are good enough for you to add this set of three AWESOME rulers to your tools…you will NOT be disappointed you did…but you may be mad when you can’t find it!!! Like me…lol…Click RULERS to go to the shopping site.

I loved reading about where you are from and if you have snow…Friday night and Saturday we had a nice long slow falling snow…today the sun is shining but its so COLD…very pretty though…nice to watch and bake cookies and stitch today!!!  I don’t know if I could NOT be where it snows…I know it can be a bother to some…but I can’t wait to try out my snowshoes I bought this year!!!!Here is the view from my sewing room…img_9172 img_9173

View from Jace’s  room …sorry about the screen..img_9175 img_9167

Nick took this pic after all his plowing/shoveling last night form up top our hill…this is the backside from the lake view…its so pretty  with all the snow!!!

So for your COMMENT TODAY TO WIN A SET OF RULERS IS… Those of you who have my rulers…let me know if they are what I say they are…those of you who don’t have them…confess and say you’ll get at least one to try after reading what everyone else says…I can’t be the only one who loves these!!!  Or if the budget doesn’t allow…say you NEED to win one!!! I remember what It is like to not be able to get  everything I want…I was a single Mom with three little boys at one time!!! And once you live though that it kinda stays with you…with a few exceptions here and there of course…

Congratulations to the winners of the SAS2 Lite Packs  here you go…please claim you prizes at  Send Amy your name and address and we’ll get the prize to you!!!                                      You have until 12-31-16

December 17, 2016 at 2:21 pm
Plenty of snow here in Oshkosh WI

Sandie @ crazy’boutquilts
December 17, 2016 at 3:08 pm
No snow on the ground here in western WA, but we did have a few little flurries this AM and it is cold. Brrr! I love SAS! Thanks for the tips on tracing multiples~ I never thought about making a box the size of my wool piece- perfect!

Sheila Snyder
December 17, 2016 at 3:44 pm
Here in Michigan we have about 9″. It’s a really beautiful time of year-hopefully it will last until after Christmas. Nothing says Christmas more then a little snow on the ground!🙂 AND thank you for showing the Steam Lite 2. I am working on a big wool project and it likes like that product would help immensely with my appliqued quilt.

Cynthia Wood
December 18, 2016 at 7:42 am
No snow here in southeastern Ohio, but it is coming this evening. Love sas2. Have never ventured into wool applique, but I love hand applique and really wish I had someone to teach me how to do a nice looking blanket stitch by hand.

December 18, 2016 at 10:24 am
The only snow I’ll see is the snow on your blog ;o) Down in North Louisiana it is rare, but happens sometimes. Love the stitch you used on the wording!

Time to go pull my cookie dough from the fridge and roll out some star cookies!!! I only make stars…even though I collect cookie cutters…I love the ones with the wood handles!  Go Pack Go!!!  LB

Day 8 Needful Things…




I know this is a busy weekend…so this post will be short and sweet…

The new and improved Steam-A-Seam2 LITE..

This is my go to fusible web for wool appliqué…for one main reason…You cannot over heat this fusible…I use tons of heat and steam when using it and it sticks to my background like its supposed to… I know when it is first laid down the fusible may be a little “gunky” but leave it sit out and rest a bit and it will a lot better than if you just fuse it down and start stitching…what I mean by “gunky” is the needle gets a little sticky residue on it..which can easily be removed by a little alcohol pad, a piece of wool or your emery…if you can’t wait a day or so to stitch…

Couple of Hints…

Trace all the pieced close together that share the same piece of wool…cut them out as a group instead of individually…this saves so much time.  Also…say your doing 100 flowers…place the wool on the fusible…trace a box on the fusible the same size as the wool.  Start tracing your flowers in this shape and you will get all 100 of them on it and then just rough cut about an 1/8″ away from the outer flowers, remove the backing paper and place the fusible on the wool…iron WITHOUT STEAM.  Then cut out the flower shapes on the lines and then remove the backing paper and place flowers on background…iron with lots of STEAM in an up and down motion…always keeping the iron moving!!!

The tacky-ness of the fusible web makes it a dream for laying out your stems/vines and appliqué shapes…you also do not have to cut your vines on the diagonal as wool bends nicely as is…once in place you steam as stated earlier…

The new papers have a yellow grid on them…nice for when you need to be on a straight line and they are easily ignored if you do not need them…they used to be blue…

So this is just a few things about the SAS2Lite that I love…it’s a busy day…so We have the 5 page packs of it on sale for $4…if you order 5 we bring it down to $18.75…like getting 1 and a half free!…So stock up if you need to! We have both the light and regular on sale…I know some of you use the regular and not the lite.

Here is my tree skirt I finally finished yesterday…I blew it up from the tablemat/small tree skirt pattern in new Christmas Gatherings book...and made one, it measure 44″…I LOVE IT!  Great inspiration to trim the tree and put it under!!!img_9158 img_9159 img_9160 img_9163img_9166

I probably should have taken this at night…it was much prettier..this is part of the pub/theater room in the new house…I just plunked it right in the middle…

So we will pick 5 winners to receive a pack of SAS2lite…Your comment will be on…Do you have snow on the ground where you will be celebrating Christmas?…Tell me where…lets see where we are all from…I know someone from England won a prize yesterday???

Yesterday Tape measure winners!!!

Janet Larsen
December 16, 2016 at 4:38 pm
Both tape measures are great but the 120 inch one is a must have! I have put my borders on both ways but Suzy Peterson taught me the correct way to measure for borders. She was a great teacher and friend and one who brought joy to classes or shopping at the store. Her quilting knowledge and color coordination was superb! After being with her, one always felt a better person! Janet Kay

Margret Berg
December 16, 2016 at 12:08 pm
Love it when you give tips to help us Quilter’s. we can always use a reminder of the right way to do things and of course I have had wavy borders, but not for awhile. Thanks for all your good advise

December 16, 2016 at 11:32 am
My sister in law taught me just about everything. Except we started at all the very hard stuff. She always said “you can do it”. She is the most generous person I know. All her sewing stuff is yours to use. Fabric, lace, trim. I mean everything. She even takes women to her cabin in upper michigan for a sewing stitch n bitch and pretty much spends the whole time helping. I pretty much owe my addiction to her! Lol

You Ladies have until 12-31-16 to claim your prize! Congrats!




9 Days til Christmas! Needful Things



I really LOVE my tape measures…I am using it all the time…I carry a small one in my purse…you never know when you need to know the size of anything!  I also know you probably already have one of these or you have a serveral tapes…that we have to constantly wind/roll up…My pet peeve is when I can’t find my measuring tape…where did I last use it?..Now I have a special place for all of my tapes…tape-measures-1

These two tapes are very reasonably priced on SALE HERE for $7.50 for both…we ordered LOTS of them to get a great deal, and they have our PG name on them…how sweet!!!…The small red one is a 60″ retractable tape and this is the one I carry in my purse…Then large grey/purple retractable one is the work horse it is 120″ long, a nice sturdy tape…This is the one that is responsible for perfect borders…so your machine quilter is not crying when she gets your quilt because you never measured your quilt before you put the border on…Maybe you just cut it like the directions stated and put it on……some of you will NOT even pin it on…some will just start sewing and when you some to the end just cut the remaining off!…I pray that you were taught better or have figured out over the years how to put borders on correctly…If a machine quilter has turned down quilting for you after she has done a quilt or two of yours…this possibly could be the reason…If she is honest/caring long-armer she may even tell you that you need to work on how to put your borders on and show you…so she can continue to quilt for you.  Wavy borders are a long-armers nightmare…Just being frank here, not trying to be harsh or hurt anyones feelings…just want to give you good information to be great quilters!!! When your blocks and quilts are going together that makes a Happy Quilter!!! I don’t ever want to settle for the T-shirt I saw…”I sew…therefor, I swear!”   No!…you just don’t know all the tricks or the right way to do somethings!!!

PROPER WAY TO STITCH A BORDER ON:  You MEASURE your quilt in at least 3 spots to see what it measures. (if you are putting side borders on you measure from the top to the bottom in 3 or more spots)  Then you take the average measurement..cut your borders to THAT size. (not the size on the pattern)  Pin the border at the center of the border to the center of the quilt, again don’t just assume you know where the center of your quilt is..if it is 8 blocks long it may not be exactly at the 4&5 blocks, it could be slightly off. Pin the ends and then pin in-between.  Then stitch the border on…If you have a little more fullness in the border or the quilt..that side goes down against the feed dogs and will ease it in along the way…I know not everyone has a place to take classes from a great teacher, but reading and socializing/learning with other quilters can help.

So I hope you may NEED another tape or two…these are great gifts for quilting friends too, because you can never have too many tapes!

This is a funny text I got yesterday morning after Jace was here Wednesday…”little man” lifted my new tape that I got with the new logo on it!!! See this is why I can’t find them sometimes…no fault of my own.img_9152


Jess has been reposting all the 12 Days on the shops blog and Facebook…so if it looks like you are getting these posts twice its because your on both blogs subscriptions…just ignore those…I will not be picking winners from them…they have to sign on to my personal blog to win…Lisa Bongean Weblog…

I loved reading all your comments about PRECUTS…I am going to pick 6 winners and you will all get some sort of PRE-CUT from yesterdays post…

Cyndy Ward
December 15, 2016 at 10:03 am
I’ve purchased, used and hoarded precuts. I’ve bought more than I’ve used. I think of the small ones as something like a fabric chart of the colorways, fabric scale and prints in a line. Wish I could collect them all but as my friend Barbara says “where would you put them?”. Always found a solution so far . . .

Pam H
December 15, 2016 at 10:50 am
I have been using the small tumbler precuts to make a table runner for a large table. I like having hand piecing to do so this fits that bill. I haven’t worked on it for a bit though, because Clara’s Stars has been taking up my hand work time. Now that that’s almost done, I’m finding I need a few more tumbler packs to continue the table runner project. I usually pick up one a year on my annual jaunt to PG but I should be picking up more…I’ve run out! The other thing I like precuts for, is so I have a record of the whole line and can easily call and order more of a particular fabric, should I need that.

Donna Sparling
December 15, 2016 at 1:48 pm
Yes, I LOVE precuts! It saves so much time – which I have very little of! I have made baby bibs, blankets and throws from precuts. I like that you get an entire collection with them. My favorite precut is a toss up…. I love layer cakes and charm packs. Sometimes I will buy a mini charm pack and play around with it – it helps me to see how I like the pattern/color placement. Thanks for the pattern…..I have a few jelly rolls tht I have been saving and may try this pattern!

Beth Esser
December 15, 2016 at 3:48 pm
I have used a few pre cuts and am finding them fascinating at what can be done with them. I want more! Thanks for the chance to get some ot yours on sale!

Jacqueline morris
December 16, 2016 at 7:08 am
Sounds silly or shocking I bet to some! I have never used pre-cuts, I love how perfect they look. So why have I never bought some? This I think is because I have always bought fabric off the bolt.. It’s rather funny as only yesterday my husband surprised me with a Moda mini charm pack called Farm Fun. It’s adorable and I see why people love pre-cuts like this! As for what to make with it?? This is new territory for me! An exciting new challenge, awesome! I think I could get used to these pre-cuts!!

Lisa Angel
December 15, 2016 at 9:51 pm
Love pre cuts. I have a huge collection. I’ve made projects from them and u could say I collect also. Lol. I’ll probably not live long enough to use my fabric stash or complete my project list Having fun though.


You have until 12/31/16.

What to comment on for todays post!!!!

Time to fess up…were you ever guilty of stated crime above?…lol….or were you lucky to have taken a beginning quilting class and shown the proper way to put a border on??  Or tell me what comes to your mind with this post…I think being a beginning quilting teacher is the best…because…those new quilters will worship you…if you taught them this awesome art of quilting…and new way of life!  Everyone remembers their first quilting teacher…Touey Dwarick (I’m sure I just murdered the spelling of her name) was mine about 20 years ago..and I still remember her…and when I see her, which I haven’t for awhile… she and I have big smiles on our faces!

We might have a snowday tomorrow!!! LB

10 days until Christmas!!! Needful Things!!


Well how is it going so far?…I kinda got carried away in yesterday’s post and forget to tell you that the papers were on sale…but I bet you’ll figure that out….I love to teach and sometimes forget I need to sell too…lol…so when you add them to the cart it puts a discount off in the cart total.

DAY 10 – ALL PRE-CUT FABRICS…JELLY ROLLS, CANDIES, FAT 8THS, FQ TOWERS..THIS ALSO INCLUDES 2″, 2 1/2″,3 1/2″ AND 5″ CHARMS THAT WE PUT TOGETHER …..You know the ones…you see them at shows…60 fabrics/30 prints, so 2 of each all the same color family…or 100 scrappy charms or 50 light and 50 dark charms? Hmmm those would be useful…with yesterdays post of 2″,3″ & 4″ blocks that can be made from CHARMS…in reds, blues, browns, greens, cheddar/chrome/purple, and on and on…we never put OUR PG PRE-CUTS  on sale…but…there’s alway a first time and the time is now…Pre-cut can make our lives much easier…therefore they are a NEEDFUL THING.  They also are a good way to collect every fabric from your favorite designers.

I have a drawer of them at home..img_9135I pulled some out to take a pic…I should have left them in…now its messy..img_9136-2…Jill hand cuts these all by herself with our dandy Accu-cutter…she is amazing…img_9139these packages are perfectly stacked and wrapped…you will LOVE them. img_9140They make good gifts too!

I will be using lots of pre-cust from now on…and giving you free patterns to use them with…like this Jelly Roll pattern…CLICK HERE for a PDF… Its called Lightning Fast…shown here in Songbirds Gatherings..Lakeside Gatherings and Snowman Gatherings II, respectively.lightning-songbird-photolightning-lakeside
lighting-snowmanand its fast and easy and makes a great gift quilt. You will need 2 of the same Jelly Rolls.

And…remember that quilt I finished on Thanksgiving Day?…I quick threw in on the bed in our guest room…lisa-bongean-bedroomThis quilt is made from 135- 10″ squares or 4 Layer Cakes…From each LayerCake cut 2- 5″ squares and 8-2″ squares. One LC yields 2- 5″ unfinished snowball blocks… Stitch across the diagonal on all 4-2″ squares that were placed on the corners of a 5″ square.  Trim and press triangles out to make a snowball block.  I then made 9 patch snowball blocks…30 of them…set the quilt 5 by 6.   Make these blocks as leader/enders when stitching another project…and Yes the quilt is hand quilted…took me a bit, but it gets done…I used fabrics from both Snowman Gathering lines, Lakeside Gatherings  & Lakeside Gatherings Wovens…or any creams, tans, light and dark blues, grey…Also Snowman III is coming-out in May…we will try and get some kits together for this quilt… I know some of you asked about them.img_8828

Click link to shop now! ALL PRECUTS-20%OFF    We have Moda pre-cut and Primitive Gatherings Pre-cuts…which mean lots of fabric companies  in color ways and scrappy, lots of pages to choose from…Orders will be picked first some first served…Some of these are in limited quantities…

Questions from yesterdays comments….

The handle on my starch can is a SPRAY CAN PAINT NOZZEL…works great and is nice/easy on our precious hands and when you starch like we do…you don’t want cramps from holding the starch can nozzle down with only one finger…gripping it with your whole hand is much ergonomically correct.

Does the starch need to be washed out of your quilt as some point?  I can be washed out when the quilt is finished…It doesn’t have to be…Can starch used to be made from cornstarch…it is not any longer…so there is no need to wash it out as there was before…some of the thinking out there was that bugs are attracted to the cornstarch…and would eat your quilt if you left starch in it…So that’s gone away…no more corn in the starch…

But once you start starching your fabric before quilting you will never to back to not doing it…Your quilt lay flat,  less stings on the back and everywhere…they will be so much more accurate…My machine quilters love to quilt our quilts as they are flat, straight, piecing is near perfect and they are a joy to quilt.  So try starching your fabrics…completely wet..let them dry…iron them and start cutting.  Do not just mist them…Use cheap starch like the can in the post…You’ll go broke if you use your Best Press.

I’m picking winners early today!!!

The winner of the charm triangle papers is…

Lynn Zane
December 14, 2016 at 6:28 pm
I have never used the triangle papers but would love to try them. I am new to quilting, have finished a quilt that I did in my beginners class. I am anxious to do more, and your triangle papers seem that they are a more accurate way. I know accuracy is important in quilting. I would love to try them

The winner of the sheet triangle papers is…326 comments…getting better, plus I’m picking 6 hours sooner today…

Kathryn Casavant
December 14, 2016 at 11:00 pm
I have used them. Have not used your brand yet. But I will have to try them. What do you have on your spray can? I also starch all my fabric before I cut it. Kathy

Please email: Amy at:  she is in charge of mailing you prizes! You have until 12/31/16 to claim your prize..

The presents are piling up for my “little man”…Nick says we need a bigger house..Take care…Nick and I are going shopping later on today…I can’t wait to leave the house…I’ve been really good and staying home and not doing too much…LB.

To WIN some Precuts…We will pick 6 winners…

Comment…Do you buy precuts?…Have you ever made something from them? Tell me your favorite thing you’ve made from a pre-cut…do you just collect them and not make anything from them? Tell me about your experiences…