Block 2…Triangle Gatherings & starch tutorial


There are some questions on starching…here is how I do it…

I lay them flat on my ironing board on a towel…


I starch them completely wet…saturated…I use a Faultless Heavy Starch( inexpensive) in a can and add a spray paint handle for easier spraying…


I then move them to the drying rack to dry completely…do not iron them with the iron to dry…they will be stiffer and shrink less if you let them air dry..

I have several of these portable drying racks at home in my sewing room.

If you have yardage to starch I layout the 45″ across this ironing surface…I starch what is on the surface…I then pull up and lay the next section on the already wet fabric…I starch again…and continue to starch and pile until it is starched completely wet…hand and let dry on the rack folded or full out on a clothesline.

Once they are dry I pair them up light/dark and iron them together.  I then put the paper on the light side and start stitching the triangle paper.

Thank you to those of you who the ordered/purchased Triangle Papers from me…I really appreciate it!!! I don’t know why some people think it’s cool to tell me they are going to use they Triangles on a Roll, hurts that one feeling I still have left…….and then a bunch of you also ordered fabric Charms squares from our site as well…again much appreciated.


Amy has let me know that the remainder of the giveaways have been sent out today…we were waiting for ruler boxes…so you should all have your prizes before the end of the week….

We are getting the second shipment of Juki’s tomorrow so those will go out as soon as they come in…I’m hoping  this is the remainder of them…I placed three separate orders, but hoping the last two will be coming together.  Will keep you updated…



Triangle Gatherings..a few things..

triangle-gatheringsSo there have been some questions…not too many but a few…so here we go..

first..I do not know how I’m going to set the blocks yet…I will be personally making 3 sizes and will be doing each one different…

I want to make a runner with the 2″ blocks…and a quilt with the 3 inch blocks…and I am going to do scrappy scrappy with the 6″ blocks with these charm square packs..I will get 50 blocks from these two packs…as the 6″ blocks need 2 light/2 dark charms…using the 1 1/2 HST papers..  DARK  OR LIGHT    CHARM PACKS.


The Charm Triangle Papers come 60 sheets so that will make 60 blocks if making 2″,and 3″and 30 blocks if make 4″ or 6″

We will be making 1 1/4″ Triangle Papers to make 5″ blocks…

Just have fun with this and you don’t have to make every decision now…you can just make blocks and decide about other things later…I’ll turn you all into designers…

QUILT SHOPS & those of you who TEACH at shops…you can run this at your shops..IF and only IF you and your participants use Primitive Gatherings Triangle Paper Charm/Sheets AND you and they use Primitive Gatherings fabric from Moda…not any Moda…must be a Primitive Gathering Fabric…don’t have any? Well.. visit, and look under Fabrics, Designers and then Primitive Gatherings!!!  Or call our Moda Rep they would love to help you!  This will make an easy kit…help you use up your fabrics on your shelves and make sure you display your blocks where everyone can see them!!! If you have any questions you can contact me… Don’t try to sneak and use what ever you have…its a very small world with social media…so please respect my time/efforts and follow my simple rules. Triangle Paper for Charms and in full Sheets can be purchased through your distributors or you can support us directly by buy from

We made it easier to find our our Charm & Triangle Papers on our site …but they are jumbled so make sure you pick charm papers if that is what you want to purchase...Charm & Triangle Papers

Also…I keep all my “works in progress” WIPs in a tall cabinet with wide skinny drawers…her is my Triangle Gatherings drawer…I have a feeling it might grow into two…those 2″ers are so stinkin cute!!!img_9419Do you notice anything in this pic?  Want more than 80 blocks?  Switch the values around…see my 3″ blocks..they are both Block 1…This is how you can make more blocks…

And see those fabrics?…all of them were never printed….they are the rejects off of  Lakeside Gatherings and some Snowman 1/2/3…so a one of a kind quilt…but these rejected fabrics start to pile up!!! So I want to make them into something as there is nothing wrong with them…just didn’t make the show…

Can’t wait to show you what’s going on in the house today…Jeter is watching as it is being done in “his” old room…img_9420img_9423

This Stitch-Along is going to be so fun… please tell every quilter you know!!! I want to see lots of quilts in 2018!!! We’ll do a book!!! Your quilt could be in it!!  So exciting!!

Ok..time for US to go stitch today!!!



Whoops what about the 1 1/2″ HSTs??

triangle-gatheringsI’m sorry I had a brain fart….you also can make the blocks 6″ finished with the 1 1/2″ HST’s…Another thing I need to mention is…

Do not try to copy the papers…you will be very frustrated as they will not copy as perfect as they need to be and you will be sorry…I promise, if this wasn’t the case we would have put them on a paper you couldn’t copy…but they are so off if you copy them its torture all in its self…lol..fullsizerender-6-copy-2

Block 1 Triangle Gatherings-I know you want to start asap…



Click here for a printable pattern:   block-1

This is your pattern…so whether you are doing 2″, 3″ or 4″ blocks…doesn’t matter…You stitch the HST like this demo…Click HERE…and then stitch them into 4 rows…stitch the 4 rows into the block.  Press row seams open.img_9390

If you are going to be stitching with the NEW scant 1/4″ foot…you will need to pin like this shown above…I have always pinned this way…but for some I know its hard to switch…Pin so the tip is just missing the 1/4″ and you will never hit one..

Here is my BLOCK 1fullsizerender-6-copy

I am using the 3/4″ and so my block measures 3 1/2″ at this point…it looks bigger here but the edges are curling up and making it look a little larger in the photo…img_9393

Back…I pressed all the seam open

So each week and sometimes twice a week I will post a block – making 1 block takes so little time, so give yourself at least time to make one block a week…we want to figure out every way possible to make a block with 16 HSTs.

Can’t wait to see your blocks… our hashtag will be #trianglegatherings

2017 Triangle Gatherings!!!


How about another Stitch-Along!!! I know…I know…some of you do not have your Magic of Christmas blocks done!  (That’s OK, I’m still working on my setting..but I love seeing the quilts coming together on our #magicofchristmasquilt  tag on instagram…)

This Triangle Gatherings stitch along is going to be SUPER easy….one block a week…ok..there may be some bonus blocks…but they all will be made with ALL HST’s……I know a lot of you bought these wonderful Triangle Papers for 5″Charm squares…soooo why not do a Stitch- Along.  Here’s the deal…you can use those Moda charms you’ve been collecting…or…you can use your scraps…or you can go to our site and get some!!! I just had so much fun with the Magic of Christmas…I want to continue with something else…If you did not order any Triangle Papers for Charms you can do but look at the diagrams below and  pick what size blocks you are going to stitch…1/2″ TP will make 2″ finished blocks…3/4″ TP will make 3″ finished blocks…and 1″ will make 4″ blocks…I know you are not afraid of making little blocks now…so lets just do this…(I borrowed that from Home Depot)  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE ALL THREE SIZES.  Unless you want to…. But  you want to make the same size blocks for your quilt…so if you decide your going to make 3″ blocks…you going to use 3/4″ HST papers and you are going to make all the blocks 3″, I’m just giving you 3 sizes to choose from that’s all…I know some of you will do something crazy but hey…that’s fine…

Below are example of what you will need to start each block…finished means after it is stitched into the quilt…unfinished means what the single block will measure not stitched in the quilt yet…


This is what you will need to make a 2″ finished- 2 1/2″ unfinished

To purchase 1/2″ HST Paper click HERE



This is what you will need to make a 3″ finished block…3 1/2″ unfinished

To purchase 3/4″ HST Charm paper click HERE



This is what you will need to make 1 – 4″ finished block…4 1/2″ unfinished

To purchase 1″ HST Triangle Charm Paper click HERE

I am going to use one background for all my blocks…which will be the lightest Primitive Muslin…it is looking really cream in these photos…it is really more white…with a little dingy tan to it…

1 yard yields 48- 5″ squares per yard- I have over 85ish blocks configured…so this will help you determine how much yardage you will need for JUST the blocks…1864_09120-350x350

This is a better pic from our website…Primitive Muslin Tallow  if you want to use the same background as me…I am going to use a bunch of colors that will look good in the lake house…light and dark grays, yellows, blacks, light and dark blues…(seems to be all about the house lately)…ALL fabrics will look good with this PG light muslin…or any of the PG muslins….we also have lots of other little teeny tiny background prints to choose from in the Primitive Gatherings Moda lines…as you know thats what we do is small prints…and I would really REALLY appreciate you using one of my Moda fabrics from Primitive Gatherings!!! So check your stash…you are going to need at least 2 yards if you make all the blocks…for the 2″ and 3″ finished blocks…double that if you are making 4″ blocks because you need 2 for each block…

If you are looking for pre-cut 5″ charms…we have lots…remember if you are making the 4″ blocks you will need 2 of the same 5″ charms …5″CHARMS  Also…do not think you have to use one background.  You can use scrappy lights and it will look just fine!!   You also can use more than one color in the blocks if you wish…the possibilities are endless…

If you need a refresher/demo on the HST paper click HERE 

Shown below are all three sized blocks…the little fabric pack is 2 1/2″ just for size/scale recognition…See all the blocks are made up of ALL HST’s!!!  I have not stitched one NEW block yet…these are one’s I had from demo HST papers….can’t wait to start!


Who’s in?… Are you making  2,3 or 4″ blocks? decisions….decisions…If you have any questions…(that I have NOT already answered in this post) please leave a comment…

I’ll be posting block 1 by the end of the week!  its -6 degree here….. -30 degrees with the wind too cold to do anything but stitch…

All for now….hope you can sleep tonight instead of dreaming of HST’s!!!



Pinbowl man and Rulerbox man are done…So we are shipping like mad at the shop, We had lots of hand made items and these guys worked really hard to get your items done…..AND….the first load of Jukis have arrived and left shortly thereafter to new homes!!!Nick shipped 44 out today!!!   So look for your orders soon….and if you ordered a JUKI they have to be signed for…so hopefully there will be someone home to catch it we don’t want to leave your new machine on your porch and have someone following the UPS truck and take it on you!!!

I worked from home today with Jean and Amy and we got a whole quilt done!!! Yay…can’t wait to show you….and…I will be sharing something soon…by the end of the week!  Stay warm everyone! BRRR