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let’s try this again…block 33



Pop-Up Party and…Block 33

Happy Friday Everyone…We have two days left here in Paducah and it’s been wonderful!! It’s so nice to see and visit with you in our booth…So we want to have a little Pop-Up PARTY here tonight/Friday at our awesome boutique Hotel we are staying at…The 1857 Hotel has an awesome place to host a get-together…we are going to have a Nacho bar set up and we can just hang out and unwind…So after the show…6:30ish come to 210 Kentucky Ave…There is parking in the back too.  See you there!!! Hope you can come!

Now for those of you who couldn’t be here…I have a block for you!!! LOL…It’s so much fun every one is so excited about Triangle Gatherings…. the Triangle Papers & fabric charms are flying out of the booth!  So here is another block for you at home and maybe you can plan a trip to Paducah next year…who knows what we will plan for next year…

Click here to print block-33


Block 8 Moda Blockheads

Today’s block is from Betsy…go to her blog to get the pattern…HERE

This is going to be the lame-est post …I am in Paducah, and just pieced this block pretty much in the darkness of my hotel room after a long fun day vending at the show…but here it is…I don’t want to do the patriotic version here under these conditions so I will post that later…thanks for understanding…Hope to see more of you this week!!!


Make sure you visit the other designers blogs to see what they have done for you this week…I know it will be much more exciting then my post today!!!

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Triangle Gatherings…Block 32

Click Here to print block block-32

I’m in Paducah this week and today was the first day of the show for us in the Finkel Building on Kentucky Ave… It was a great day and I saw/visited with a lot of you!!!

I just ate dinner at the mexican restaurant Tribeca…downtown and then it was back to my room to stitch my Moda Blockhead block that will post tomorrow…the only thing wrong with this is that I’m full,  tired and there is hardly any light in my room…so it was sewing with my machine light and my beam&read…but block is done and ready for me to write the post…yesterday when I probably should have sewn my block I walked a little around town because it is so beautiful here…found this awesome quilt that came home with me for my hotel bed…fits perfectly!!  I love this block…1880’s hand pieced…almost perfect condition ..Chrome yellow…can’t wait to snuggle in this bed tonight!!!  Happy block 32….It’s a pretty one…


Triangle Gatherings…Block 31

How are you all doing??? I’m hanging out with “little man” today…wonder what we will get into today…just before nap time we were blowing bubbles and shooting them with the squirt gun!!!  Look close you can see the bubbles!!!

Here’s a block for the weekend!!!


Click here to print block-31



So it all centered around a concert…Eric Church…for our 19th Anniversary…I booked this in Sept/2016…and waited to get- away….Nick loves to play slot machines, a certain one…his fondness is for the Wheel of Fortune…and he literally has a lucky horse shoe up his behind…and usually wins big money……now I’m not for this becoming a weekly thing,…but a couple of times a year we do it, so we stayed at the Potawatomi Casino & was beautiful…had great restaurants and we had a lot of fun… him being able to visit a casino was also part of my plan…

I play Black Jack…and yes…I know when to take a hit and when not to…when to double down and when to split…and mostly when to stay…I play so Nick can play…I grew up watching my Aunties and Uncles and Grandma playing cards…so I know gambling well…I also know the downfall of it…thus the couple of times a year…I get bored playing BJ so after awhile so I end by betting more than the usual and either I break even and quit or they get my $100 bucks.  ..Nick knows how to play responsibly…we have a daily limit we will lose and then when it’s gone we do something else..but mostly he can play for hours on end…but if he is up a lot…he knows when to cashout and quit…that’s when I can have some fun…Thursday night…Nick did well…

So on Friday we went to the Harley Davidson museum…bought a few souvenirs…It was fantastic…but it was crowded because it was Milwaukee Day…if you wore something Milwaukee you got in Free…so lots of people…who really weren’t interested in what was going on, but it was free and something to do…so we will go back…but here’s some pics…I wore my HD hat…so I got in Free too!!

What a creative way to store the T-shirts???

Customization to the max…to resemble a 57 chevy…

More bling-ed out bikes…this one had rhinestones everywhere…

restoring bikes in the shop…


Bikes for police…the mail…they had them from every year since they we made..

All the tank designs…

These were the original ones…from 1903-05

There was so much to see…this is just a glimpse, really….if this interests you or your hubby it is defiantly worth going…It’s free if you belong to the Harley Owners Group…and $20 if you don’t…

Did you see this…Nick’s Dad worked for the Neenah foundry for over 30 years…see the top? Maybe he made this?

After lunch it was time for me to go shopping…Nick went to go play his games….I Uber-ed to the historical Third Ward…got my hair done for the concert later that night…here was my inspiration photo for her…

Here’s what it ended up like…not too bad huh?

So it was on to the Public Market where I found homemade chocolates for Easter, It was so awesome and I have to go back with someone to eat all the goodies… My phone was on low battery so I had to conserve it so I could Uber back home….so no photos…I shopped the bookstore, a dress boutique- for something new for Market/St Louis…a new urban general store where I bought 5 cute little succulents and these cute PLANTERS for them…I found them here on Amazon…where again they are a great deal…I payed 11.95 for each one of mine..but oh well…It was on Nick and I was supporting a little business so that’s what matters….I shopped till my arms hurt from carrying my bags..

Then the concert…I know some of you will not even know who this guy is…but I have loved him for years…he’s different…he writes his own songs…he doesn’t like to conform…he’s different…and he’s really really good…played almost 4 hours…no opening act…gave us all he had…Nick is now a new fan…both our legs hurt from standing so long!!!

Opened with Hallelujah…and then a Milwaukee High School choir…so cool…

We need some practice in the Selfie department…

Nick sometimes doesn’t want me to share…but then I explained to him…some of you will never see the Harley museum..will never get to NC to walk up a lighthouse and stay in a vacation home of anyones dream…I didn’t know about the Historical Third Ward…and also It’s kind of a journal for me…so he conceded…and understands that me sharing this with you is not an invasion of privacy but sharing our experiences with those who may not be able to…or showing them somewhere to go themselves when they are in the same locations!!!

Well…take care…and a TG block is coming soon…thanks for following our adventure to the end…Lisa





Something to ponder…

I don’t know about you…but… do you find yourself not living your life?  I sometimes feel like I’m attached to my phone, my iPad, my fitbit, way too much…and I feel like I am missing out…I don’t mean I’m going to ditch this stuff but what about making sure I step away from it all briefly each day…

While exploring the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee the other day I was boutique shopping and I went into a book store…I love book stores…the smell of paper, all the writing utensils..and I stumbled upon this…It was perfect for how I have been feeling lately..

The Introduction is here…

Inside…there are 365 things to do…one a day…and you don’t have to go in order…just pick one…and do it!!! They also have a spot to reflect on it and the date you completed it…here are some of the pages…

I’ve found it here on Amazon if you want to join me in this daily detox….Click here and order yours on Amazon: Unplug Every Day

I also bought this book too… I will be doing a post on this one soon too!!!  But as long as you are on Amazon…you may as well get this one too!!!


One Good Deed A Day  Here is the link for it…but they are in the frequently bought together on Amazon too!

The books are about 4″x6″ and very nicely done…and will fit in your purse!!!

So lets start living a better life…

My best,





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