MBH 3-Block 7 & Winner of last week’s give-away!


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Happy Block Heads Day! Here is another great Quilt Block!

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This week’s quilt block is from the super sweet, super talented Lissa Alexander!  I would not be doing my job if I did not inform you that she has been the brains behind all of the Moda All Star books and she has published a few of her own…Sisterhood of Scraps is the newest, and Oh, Scrap was introduced pervious…If you are a scrap quilter like Lissa…you will love these books…she uses mixes and use a ton of Moda lines in her quilts…things that probably shouldn’t  go together but they do!

Here is my version of Lissa’s quilt block…ZEST


In addition to ZEST,I have also made Lissa’s alternate quilt block…4″….look how big those seam allowances look!

LB Alt 7

…and now the winner of last week’s give-away!

Jill Johnson— with an email…yooperjill just in case there are more Jill J’s

I love your no-nonsense tutorials! And I want to add you are lickity-split sewing one handed, and whipping thru cutting those cuties! Thank you for a beautiful block – I can’t wait to get started!

Jill-please contact this email and Amy will ship out your prize!!!! ahoefler@new.rr.com and we ask that when you receive your prize you send us a pic or post on your social media and tag us!

Here is a photo of everyone else who has signed this wonderful little bag!


Last of all… THANKS to all the Moda “peeps” & designers who participated in making this such a cool give-away!

Lisa Bongean

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Moda Block Heads 3-Block 5

Happy Block Heads Day!  Today’s pattern is found here:

https://www.brigitteheitland.de/blog/block-5-zen-chicBlock Heads Square Logo - Gray

I can’t tell you how much fun this was to make…I had a blast…you have to rewire your brain but when it turns out it is exciting!!!…I suggest coloring the background with something so you know the different when paper piecing it…

I have been in California for a couple of days now…and when ever I go to the shop always has lots going on…. and they have lots of fun!!!

There is a group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays…it is an appliqué/ hand work/ rug hooking group…they were lovely ladies and had some great projects…..if you are looking for a group to stitch with…these ladies were very nice….




I took a little action video…

Yesterday I had my Stitcher’s Gatherings….

Look at this!!!!Traci…is putting the binding on My crazy life!  

IMG_9319 2

Sandy was new to class…and was learning new stitches faster than fast!!!! I wish I took an after photo!IMG_9320

Kimberly..was working on a new pincushion…

Sandy showed her Wooden Spool quilt…IMG_9325IMG_9326

Caren is gaining headway on Twilight Garden…


She also shared a Kathi Campbell/Heart to Hand pattern…IMG_9330

Caren was working on herAlphabet sampler…IMG_9331

I hope you all enjoyed this little trunk show of what is going on at Primitive Gatherings California….

all for now…Lisa

Spell it with Fabric… blog hop winners!

IMG_9447Hey Everyone thanks for leaving a comment on my blog for a chance to win!  We had over 800 comments so I picked a few more prizes  from the last blog give-away that were unclaimed..…I have listed the winners below….make sure it is your post/comment and please send us your address to: sheina.primitivegatherings@yahoo.com

and Sheina will get them sent out to you…Please confirm your prize within one week…

We are mailing Mini Alphabet kits  and patterns out today and tomorrow thanks for all the orders!!!! We appreciate your support of Moda Fabrics and Primitive Gatherings patterns!

The winners and their prizes are stated below…Congratulations to the winners!

Floral Gatherings Charm Pack

DebbyFebruary 24, 2014 at 5:23 am

I absoluitely LOVE your bfabric and designs!

Homestead Gatherings Charm Pack

ChrisFebruary 24, 2014 at 6:14 am

I love the small alphabet and can’t wait to make it. I am a teacher so it will be perfect for my classroom. Your new line of fabric is wonderful

Layer Cake Homestead Gatherings

GailFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:22 am

Beautiful quilting and so many triangles!

Dessert Roll Homestead Gatherings

cheryl ungerFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:12 am

I just love all your fabric lines, can’t wait to start this new quiltl!!

Homestead Gatherings Charm Pack

NancyFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:36 am

For some reason, my eyes were drawn to the sailboat and star blocks in among the alphabet. It really finished everything off! Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.

Homestead Mini Charms 2 packs:

Debbie GFebruary 24, 2014 at 10:57 am

Love this in the downscaled size. I will for sure be placing an order soon. Will definately be on the make for my grandson list. Thanks Lisa.

Mini Alphabet Quilt kit

Dee DFebruary 24, 2014 at 4:23 pm

I love the little quilt -it’s just the right size! Can’t wait to see the rest of the new fabric line – I really like the little houses.

Snowbird Layer Cake roll…

JudyFebruary 26, 2014 at 8:41 am

I really like the whole alphabet quilt and the new fabric line.

Post #2 APQ Quilt Along…cutting and sorting

Test cutting one block before MASS cutting...
Test cutting one block before MASS cutting…

I am going out today to find the magazine!!! Do you have yours?  Do you have your fabrics picked out???  This post is about cutting and sorting…I now there are tons of ways to make this quilt…even if this is not how you are making yours you might find a few things helpful…

Remember…I am posting as to the way I do things…it is not the only way…but I am more than willing to share “how I quilt with you”…

Before I start “mass cutting” I always cut one block to make sure the directions are right…this comes from designing, but… just a little note…we (pattern designers) do not graduate from Pattern writing school, anyone can write a pattern, we are human and we will sometimes make a mistake or there is a typo in the directions.  If you find a mistake in our patterns WE WANT TO KNOW, but please be careful in your presentation of letting us know…we already feel bad, but we don’t need anyone belittling us.  If handled properly we will go out of our way to make it up to you…remember…treat people as you would want to be treated…and by the way…have you ever written directions?  Try it…

PS- If you think something may be wrong…always check the designers website or blog for corrections to their patterns before emailing them directly…sometimes it is hard to remove any pattern from the “world” and replace them with corrected ones…

BACK TO OUR BLOCKS…I have layed out a whole block out here…everything to me looks good…but you will not entirely know until you stitch it…but I have decided to scrap up the tans and butterscotches and keep the black backgrounds the same in each blocks…therefore I will not be stitching this together.  But I redid all the math and I came up with the same measurement as the directions…And you know APQ has tested their directions.

Now to MASS cut…I do not cut a strip…pick up my ruler move my cut fabric…lay down my ruler and continue this process.

I cut in the following manner. (If you do not CUT accurate you cannot STITCH accurate…even if you have the best scant 1/4in the world-next post) I believe this is a better way to cut…I am going to layer 4-6 fabrics and cut them all at one time.  This is because I am confident I will not screw up…and I plan my cutting.  Normally I would cut the bigger pieces first.  But this fabric only has 21 -1 1/2″ and 4- 2 1/2″ cuts so it will not matter…I am cutting the 1 1/2 to show you my process in cutting…Follow the pictures below and then if this is not the way you cut…practice it…it is fast and easier I think…but you have to re-train your brain if you cut the other way… Please let me know if this has been helpful…or is this too much detail…After this post you will be ready for stitching! …my best…LB

Layer fabrics and trim off the left edge.
Layer fabrics and trim off the left edge.
and the bottom edge.
and the bottom edge.

I will be cutting 1 1/2" squares here...I cut a 6" cut...
I will be cutting 1 1/2″ squares here…I cut a 6″ cut…
Now I will move my ruler to 4 1/2" and cut...
Now I will move my ruler to 4 1/2″ and cut…
then to 3" and cut...never bothering the previous cuts...
then to 3″ and cut…never bothering the previous cuts…
then to 1 1/2"...
then to 1 1/2″…
now I will place my ruler at the  7 1/2 measurement ...cutting from the bottom edge
now I will place my ruler at the 7 1/2 measurement …cutting from the bottom edge.  The fabric to the right is waste…not enough for another 1 1/2″ cut…
move to 6 and cut...
move to 6 and cut…
move to 4 1/2...
move to 4 1/2…
move to 3 and cut...
move to 3 and cut…
move to 1 1/2...and cut..
move to 1 1/2…and cut.. I now have 20 of the 21- 1 1/2″ squares..I will cut the last one with the 2 1/2″ squares.
After everything is cut...I sort into blocks.  20 blocks...my backgrounds are the same for each block...so I will spread them out into piles of all of each cut of the same background together...
After everything is cut…I sort into blocks. 20 blocks…my backgrounds are the same for each block…so I will spread them out into piles of all of each cut of the same background together…
Make 20 piles and start sorting out how many pieces you will need for each block....while mixing up the prints
Make 20 piles and start sorting out how many pieces you will need for each block….while mixing up the prints
Now sort everything together into 20 blocks
Now sort everything together into 20 blocks
Package each block into a ziplock bag
Package each block into a ziplock bag
place all your bags into a container...now we are ready to stitch...
place all your bags into a container…now we are ready to stitch…