Temecula 2016 retreat!!

Well another retreat in the books….so much fun..so many new friends…so many projects…the food is the best ev retreat food ever!!!img_8878 img_8879 img_8880

Some of them were even re-designed…so awesome!!!img_8968I was busy teaching 45 lovely ladies that I did not take time to take some photos!!!

But then we had show & tell…img_8882 img_8886 img_8887 img_8889 img_8890 img_8891 img_8893 img_8894 img_8895 img_8896 img_8897 img_8898 img_8900 img_8901 img_8902 img_8903 img_8905 img_8907 img_8908 img_8911 img_8914 img_8915 img_8916 img_8965

These ladies are super talented and very prolific!

At the end of retreat we gave away 9 finished projects as door prizes!!! There was so much excitement I only got a few pics of them…enjoy your door prizes girls!!!img_8967 img_8966Well all good things must come to an end…but we will be doing it again June 2017…call the CA shop if you want to get in on the fun!!!The spots fill up fast!  Thank you ladies for all the wonderful inspiration!

the magic of christmas…22,23,24 & 25…all the rest..

Happy Last Day of November!!!

Here you go..I promised them all before Dec.1…now get them all downloaded…as fast as possible…if you are missing blocks…use the search button on the right hand side…you will have better luck on a computer than your phone…or tablet…

These blocks will be coming off in about a week..this is your warning to get them all printed out…they are all in my blog posts…so if you can’t find one you are not working hard enough…so please look through all the posts…the links are in RED. Can’t be easier.

If I used triangle paper in these last four blocks I showed it in a picture…so please read everything as I explain if  you need to cut anything else…and what it takes the place of…some of these blocks have 1/2″ HSTs in them!!! Trust me you can do it!!







block 23



Now here is the triangle paper I used to make the block…img_8809-6

The triangle papers will eliminate B and C- light and then E and F-red


So block 24 was designed with light triangles in the middle like the country block here…well I decided real fast that this needed to be changed…so I did not have time to change my block but Teri magically photoshopped it so you wouldn’t know if I didn’t show you the evidence here…




Here is the triangle paper you need for this block…ignore the first draft of this block…don’t let it confuse you..

So you will need to still cut 6 D’s of light and 6 F’s red for the single triangles.img_8810-2BLOCK 25




The triangle paper replaces C-light and H-red


This is a big post already so I will not be adding more…I will be posting some layout diagrams soon…so look for them in early December.  But in the meantime get your blocks finished!!!  I hope you have enjoyed your 25 blocks and look forward to seeing them all done…will be in touch!  LB


the magic of christmas block 21

Good Morning!!!

I’m at a quilting retreat with 45 lovely quilters!!!! We are going to have a ball the next couple of days! I’ll be sure to post some of what we are doing…but in the meantime here is a nice simple one…

Lisa bongean



PS…Teri also fixed block 16-here it is so you don’t have to go back to the original post.


I have been having a blast shopping for “little man” and want to let you know of Primitive Gatherings has a CYBER MONDAY SALE….and let me tell you it is a SALE!!!…We have an additional 25% off already discounted patterns…the additional discount will be added in the cart…THEN we have some beautiful kits that are 40% off and the prices are actually listed as the 40% off…anchorpoint-116x116 winneconiwaves-116x116 threads-of-time-116x116 strawberry-fields-116x116 union-blues-116x116union-blues-116x116



Then I know there are a bunch of you who love little quilts!!! WE have a number of kits from Tara’s book Small Treasure from Scraps, which most of you already have…the kits are now 40% off…the discount will show in your cart…if the kit is $28 it will be $16.80 in your shopping cart…what a deal!!! Try to control yourself not to get them all!!!unknown



Have a great day!!! LB

The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20

Happy Black Friday…so…did you go to the mall today? No way…not me…I went to the antique mall and to the Ye Old Goat…bought some new things to decorate the new house with for Christmas…and Yes…I will post my Christmas decorating…I promise…now you know I promised to give you all 25 blocks before Dec. 1st…right? I finished stitching them all so it will be done deal…Teri just need to get me the last few patterns ready…and she will do it this week…Did anyone notice I updated the post for the b&w block 17…scroll back a few posts if you needed it…Ok…now here goes…block 19-please read extra info for using HST paper below…The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean



If you want to use the 1″ HST papers instead of cutting the 6- 1 7/8″for C…cut a 2 “x 12 1/4″ rectangle  for the 6 squares of triangle paper…and do the same size in the red for F, but you will still need to cut 4- 1 7/8” squares cut in half once for the FG units A/F… this will make the HST faster and more accurate.


The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 3 1/4″ SQAURE FOR E NEEDS TO BE CUT IN HALF TWICE DIAGONALLY….mark that on your pattern…I will switch the pattern  out when Teri can redo it…



I just love making these blocks….someone asked if there was an easier way to cut these blocks out…like a die for die cutting all the shapes…the answer is no…the dies are time consuming as well and very expensive too…so don’t think that it these are laborious….because we could be using our scissors…cardboard templates and hand piecing…so believe me this IS the fastest way to do these blocks!!!

I want to do a give-a-way…so…I want to see your progress on FB or Instagram…post how far you are…I don’t care if your kit is in the bag…or if you only have 3 blocks done…don’t give up…I’ll think of something cool for the give-away…I did find some awesome ornaments today…maybe you could win one?  REMEMBER to use the #themagicofchristmasquilt  on instagram and if you are only on FB tag me so I see it!!!

HEY….I almost forgot!!! I finished the snowball quilt yesterday morning while MOM was cooking in the kitchen..I finished it about 11am just in time to dismantle the frame and set up another table in the kitchen so all 16 of us could sit down!!! Hmmm…now what will be next for the frame….I love to hand quilt…it really is relaxing and goes quite quickly if your heart is in it to get it done!!!The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanAnd….one more share….look at how messy my sewing room gets when I am making these blocks!!! Time to pick it up to start the next project!!!The Magic of Christmas Blocks 19 and 20 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanHave a good weekend!!! I’m flying to CA tomorrow to RETREAT with the CA girls!!! Oh what fun we will have!!! Do you wanna come to our next one?  Its in June…I’ll post the dates while I’m in CA and you can join in the fun!!!

PS…don’t forget about the give-a-way…I’ll give you a couple of days to post before I pick a winner…but I’d love to see all your blocks while traveling tomorrow!

Piece out….LB

Its…Thanksgiving Eve…Block 18 Magic of Christmas….

lbbI spent the day taking care of little man….boy what a handful!!! So much fun…so many laughs and smooches…Mom was getting ready for Turkey day tomorrow and I tried a little bit to finish my quilt that I am hand quilting…just a little more left…maybe Friday it will be finished…

So do you want a block to work on tomorrow morning? I have the rest up to 25 all cut out and have 4 more to stitch….so I will be posting a few of them the next couple of days…I’m planning of getting up early and getting them all done before everyone else gets up!!!




I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


New designs for our Primitive Christmas Event

I am still nursing a “tennis elbow” injury from stitching too much…I wanted this event to be the biggest one so far…so I stitched and stitched for Quilt Market/Festival and this event in October…all before I left for Houston…so the crew could work on all the kits while we were gone…and in return…I still can’t grab/hold anything with my left hand with out a little pain…so hopefully that goes away soon….I’m not stitching too much…teaching a lot, but not marathon stitching…it’s getting better…but…Do you  want to see what we’ve got NEW from Primitive Gatherings!!!


The following are purchase patterns…the FREE patterns for the event are in a previous post…

As some of you know…we have moved to the Lake…and our home is decorated a little differently at the Lake…you will see that in my new designs…a little vintage modern…so to say…

Did you love the FREE pattern Snowman Collector?  If so…you can just change the snowman to a tree and make this mat…Bringing Home the Tree…along with Frozen and Let It Snow…I can’t wait to display all three of these together in the new house…I have some snowy trees and other goodies to decorate one of the large farm tables in the house…Here they are all shown together…I took all the items home to photo…but somehow…Bringing Home the Tree was not is the bunch…so I had to shoot this at the shop of them all together as a set…

lisa bongeanlisa bongean

Then we have some ornaments…can’t have a Christmas Event without ornies….Can you come to one of the shops in CA or WI?  If so…come make this stacked penny snowman…Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? We have a primitive version…with scrappy light pennies…all kitted in a cute package of snowman parts!
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

We also have a cleaner more modern snowman kit…lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

The best thing about these are that we have kits all pre cut for you…you just need to cut out the scarf, holly, berries and nose and you can assemble…so sewing involved…you just thread/stack the pieces onto a threaded needle until all the parts are in order!!! Great to make with the Grandkids or anyone!!! What about your co workers….get together and make some snowmen!!! These kit/patterns are $12.50…extra kits with no pattern are $12.  So were kinda giving the pattern away with this one too…

So Jess and I brainstormed and came up with the stacked snowman…but then…she had to take it to the next level and do a Snowman Couple!!! These were a big hit when we had a preview last night with 50 retreat ladies from the Primitive Gatherings/Red Crinoline Quilts/Old Green Cupboard retreat that is happing  here all week!!!snow-couple-lr-350x350

We have kitted this too and for $20 more we have pre cut all the circles for you… they are a very perfect couple when precut!!!

We all need a dated/personal ornie for the year…right?lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

We have Mom/Dad versions and then kid versions…for Boys and Girls…these can also be name tags at the holiday table or gift tags…so many options here…Pattern is $7 and kits are also $7 each…they are sold separately, so you can order as many as you need without having 6 patterns too!

Then last of the projects was a simple 2016 pincushion…again…very vintage modern in this lovely hand dyed grey wool…I don’t have to remind you that the wool from Primitive Gatherings are the best in the country and probably world…I can say this because everyone tells us so…and no one can really figure out how this magic happens, so I can say it’s the best…Keep this in mind when you think about getting a kit or not…if you have the kits you can start making your projects…if not you have to search for all the materials… and those may not be as pretty as PGs!!! Our kits are reasonably priced and we know you will be very happy with them!


lisa bongean

Wait…what about the MUG!!! He is so adorable!!! Continue your collection with this dated 2016 Snowman mug! It is very rewarding doing business with another local family business…we ordered lots so we won’t run out…so don’t let me down…I’m counting on you! lisa bongean/primitive gatherings


All of the above items can be found at this link…PRIMITIVE GATHERERINGS

Thank you for viewing all our our PG designs…Jess will be doing a post on all the other kits and patterns we have from Lily Anna Stitches and Buttermilk Basin for our Primitive Christmas Event…

Have a great day and come make a snowman with me if you can…from 10 am to 2pm…have some fun!!! Bring the hubbies too…you know I love harassing them into making one too!!!

with all kinds of stitching love, LB