Moda Blockheads…Block 11

Hey Everyone!

Life is crazy right now for us Moda Designers…getting ready for the big dance.- Spring Quilt Market…we are traveling to St. Louis and Oh what fun we will have now that all the work is done….well maybe a few bindings yet…but no big deal…

I was lurking in our Moda Blockhead Facebook group earlier this week and lets just say it was very interesting…I want everyone to be happy so…

So for those who do not want to bother reading a lengthy blog post here is your block pattern..

Click the following link for pattern for block 11 Block11LB_LisasStar   I have not hidden it way back in the bottom of the post…so no one should not be able to find it this time…lol..

For those of you who want to “hang out” a little longer  the rest of the post if for you…I know you all appreciate what we do and understand that we just want to have a good time…so this week I have made Lisa’s Star for you..  as I was finishing up quilting my mini’s last night I thought…I hope we have a week off from Blockheads as they all know we will be up to our necks getting ready…so I was looking to see who’s week it was …OH CRAP!!!…it’s MY week!!!!!! So out come the fabrics and here we are making a block at 11pm..

Here are those fabrics I picked…from the designer pile…I will make the patriotic block when I get back…yes along with Jan’s basket block…so don’t feel bad I’m behind too..


I’m going to use my 3/4″ triangle paper to make this go fast and painless…

Here are all my parts cut up…and I stitched up those HST real fast…

Making the pieced triangles for the FG…sorry for the dark pic…remember it’s late..

Add the other dark triangle…

Layout all the block pieces..

I then stitched the FG…then the pinwheel center and then stitched the side FG to the pinwheel center…and then added the top and bottom rows to the center after I stitched the row together…

Here are my notes as to what to make/cut

I can’t wait to you all of your blocks!!!

This week’s question…Of the quilts you’ve created, what is your favorite quilt pattern ever?  

You mean…I have to pick one?  I like all the quilts I have created….but If you make me choose one of my
“children” or the other…I would say…my favorite pattern is appliqué…so..Words to Live By…is very special to me…It was the last quilt of mine that Lance (my oldest son) dyed the wool for…we worked on it together..all the fabrics were my Moda fabrics….and my dear friend Linda Hrcka quilted it-she entered it in Paducah and it won a ribbon!!!  So can yo see why it is my favorite???  Note it also has lots of HST Triangles!!!

 Linda and I in Paducah!!! 
See all the other versions of Lisa’s Star on my Moda Sisters blogs…

Triangle Gatherings…Block 36


I survived!!! Quilt Market prep…barely…that’s a whole lot of sewing…can’t wait to show you all those quilts (6)…I have been giving peeks on Instagram…but holy cow…I had help..and it still was close…Amy, Jean & Katie..made the Ohio star quilt in a day they stayed until midnight finishing it…Val quilted/bound one and sent it to St. Louis, but I know I worked steady once the fabric arrived and we got home from the Grand Hotel…but…I did take a break on Mother’s Day..whet for a ride on the bike with Nick, Brad & Tina, then visited Mom and “little man”…that was a blast and a much needed break from the sewing machine…then it was back on the chains until those bindings were on…I quilted 5 quilts on Monday…2 on the long arm, 3 on the Juki…now I’m stitching binding while Nick is driving us to QM…So after I made the blockhead block last night I decided you needed another block as well…so here is 36…Enjoy…you’re the best…thanks for being so patient and waiting for me….



Someone can’t wait till Momma gets back from QM so we can resume our walks…


Happy Mothers Day!!! Sale on Juki’s!!!

I want to wish all the Mother’s out there a Happy Mothers Day…I hope you can spend time with your children today…no matter how old they are, we just want to spend time with them…that’s all we need right?

I have been asked to put the JUKI sewing machine on special another time other than at Christmas time…so…In honor of Mother’s Day it will be on sale $100 off all this next week with free shipping in the US-International shipping will be given a $20 credit towards it…

Click HERE to read ALL about why you want a JUKI, and all the amazing things it comes with…also…I always get asked what sewing machine do you use? Here is my answer…I am a professional quilter…I can have any machine I want, I choose to sew on the $900 JUKI…that is not a typo…and If we sell a decent amount of them I will give one away to someone who has purchased one just like Christmas!!!…to purchase a JUKI click HERE .  We will wait till the sale is over to order and ship them out, so about two weeks just to be on the safe side.

If you own a Juki…please comment on how awesome it is!!

Maybe your Mother taught you to sew…maybe you still sew with your Mother…My Mother is a great cook-that’s what we do…we cook…again…Happy Mother’s Day…I know some of you do not have your Mother’s any longer…but today you will have lots of memories to visit…hopefully while you are stitching of course!!!

my best


Moda Blockheads…no block 10 from me…

Click here to go to Jan’s Blog for block 10 instructions and an appliqué tutorial…I love this simple flower and basket block…

I am so sorry I have not had a chance to finish on Jan’s block…I have the appliqués cut out but had not had a chance to hand stitch them…All my free time is spent working on my market designs…as my fabric arrived just a few days ago…but I guess to make up for it….I can show you how I am setting my blocks at least so far what I have done..I am adding a large outer star to each 6′ block using fabrics from all six of us…If you want the measurements they are 7 1/4″ square cut in half twice for the large triangle- 4-3 1/2″ squares for the corners and then, 4- 3 7/8″ squares cut in half once for the triangle points.Blocks measure 12 1/2″ at this point.

I also am making 1″ HST for my Liberty Gatherings blocks…and then will do 2″ stars for cornerstones with light sashing…I am stitching in the Gerald R Ford meeting room at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island MI…Don’t you love this carpet with the stars and the red,white and blue???…and …perfect place to show you my blocks…I will finish Jan’s basket block and make an alternative pieced block when I get home…after all the market stuff is done…we are making great progress…but then this happened…we have to fussy arrange and stitch the four patches…for the cornerstones…otherwise this would have been done except for the borders…Amy is here with me being the pressing queen, starch goddess and stitching in between running a little store here while I teach every day….Thank you for understanding my situation up here… trying to teach 5 days of classes…then evening events and then stitching late into the evening after dinner on quilts for market in St. Louis…we leave on Tuesday next week…yikes!! Time to get to bed…last class tomorrow…will post about classes and fun up here at a later time too…can’t wait to see your basket block..keep posting them…Make sure to visit all the blogs…

Lynne –
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Moda –
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My Best….Lisa

Block 35!!! Triangle Gatherings..


Happy Friday Everyone!!

I am currently on the beautiful island of Mackinac…Getting ready to spend a week with almost 200 quilters/stitchers  We are at the Needlework Seminar put on by the Musser Family who own the Grand Hotel.  Mrs Musser loved the needle arts…so we are honored to be apart of this special experience here at the Grand Hotel..

I believe I saw an ad for the 2018 seminar in the Paducah Show book with an allstar cast of teachers…and if you can… you need to come to one of these events here on this special island!!  We are ferried in…the horse carriage brings us up to the hotel (there are no cars here) the meals are amazing…and then there is so much to do…but we are working…so we have to squeeze things in when we can…We got on the ferry in Mackinaw City…The huge bridge connecting the UP to upper lower MI…

The Island..can you see Fort Mackinac on the left?

This cart is hauling all of “our” stuff for the week…there’s a store in there as well as our sewing essentials to make our quilts for market!! You arrive in style here…will post more I promise….

We are hoping that fabric arrives today!!! Wish us luck, prayers and everything else…as the 16 draws closer everyday!!!  If we don’t get it today that means Monday!!! which is a lot of days lost…

So in the meantime I plan on stitching more TG blocks…while waiting…so here’s another for you!!!



love seeing your blocks keep posting!!!  Lisa


Block 9 Moda Blockheads…

Today is Block 9…Jo Morton has designed us another beautiful block…Click HERE for the pattern…

I love this block…easy to make and love that you can fussy cut something in the center…

Here is my patriotic version as well…

Question of the Week:

May 3 – Cleaning Sewing Machines:  How frequently?  How thoroughly?  On a related side-note – have we named our sewing machine?  Machines? What kind of machine do you prefer?

I clean my machine about every five bobbins…I go in and sweep the dust bunnies out…about twice a year I take the throat plate completely off and do some “spring/fall” cleaning…My machine does not have a name…I’ll work on that…it’s probably because I have several at different locations.  I will confess..I have two Bernina’s,1260 & 1530…..two featherweights, one black, one white..5 Juki’s which is my regular machines that I stitch on….Two at home, one in the work studio and two in two in CA…one in the shop and one at Brooke & Lukes house…You understand right???  I LOVE the JUKI, nothing comes close to it…If you are curious read this post…JUKI.  

If you need to have one after reading it you can purchase one HERE  Best machine you’ll ever own for quilting.

Make sure you stop over to see what all the other designers have for you this week!!!

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We will be using the #modablockheads  for this BOW!

I also never posted block 8 of my patriotic version…got it done last tonight!!

Just a heads up…with Market next week…I may not have my #10 blocks done…my fabric is still not here and I may be working hard on that when it does make it…I will catch up though and post a pieced one too.