Moda Block Heads Block 30

This weeks block is from Carrie Nelson…Here is where you need to go to get the block pattern…

Here is my version…I have to admit I am barely able to keep up!!!! I’m sure you know the feeling!!!

Question of the week…Who inspired you, that you would want quilters to know about 20 years from now? or something like that…answer…

Sue Garman...I knew her but not as well as I would have wanted…Her love of small piecing and appliqué is what we both have very much in common…I came across this the other day and I am SOOOOOO looking forward to it.  Houston 2017

The late Sue Garman made more than 300 quilts over 40 years, nearly all of them original. Celebrate her life and artistic legacy with this sampling of 75 of her best works based on antique, red and green, whimsical, and intricately pieced quilts, and more.

Quilts Inc also honored her by adapting one of her appliqué blocks for there show pin…Way to go Quilts Inc!!!

Here are a few of my favorites…but all of Sue’s quilts are exceptional….


Are you looking for Triangle Gatherings Blocks?

Hey…If you are looking for past blocks that you cannot find here are three ways:

First way is to read the original block post—use the search bar on the blog…you may have to scroll to find the search bar…enter the block number  you are looking for…this will give you the most information…

Second if you on are a phone/tablet scroll down on my blog and keep going until you find this…shown here in green…this will take you to the archive where all the blocks are listed as I load them…I do not have them up to date as I want you to read the blog post where they are…this is just a log I enter them about once a week or so..

Third, If you are on a computer on my blog click the Triangle Gatherings line right under the header, circled in green…this is also the archive…

I have received many requests asking me to send you your missing blocks…I am sorry but I do not have time to send those to you individually but it bothers me that I can’t help…they are readily available here on the blog..

thank you kindly for understanding…so hopefully this will help you out, and I am sure it will if you read this post and not just look at the pictures…lol

We are going to have a new kind of class today at the studio…we are going to design our own projects!! We have a basic idea…the students will color it, add to it or do whatever they wish…We have the whole warehouse full of wool and cotton for this adventure…I’ll let you know how it turns out!!!LB

Moda Blockheads Block 29

Today is my block…Juneau…I’m so sorry…I was working on a project for a book deadline and I watching “Call the Midwife” episode after episode and I just looked at the clock and it was after midnight…so here is my block…You can get the pattern here Block29LB_Juneau
Question of the week….Do you ever machine quilt your own quilts?…Yes…just the little ones…Do you have any  advise?…For your larger quilts…Get out your checkbook and pay the professional…that’s my advise…you never hear me say…oh..I wish I would have quilted that myself…I’d rather piece or hand stitch.

Have a great week…make sure you go see everyone’s blocks…

Please go and visit all the other designers today to get a look there color combos for my block…

Triangle Gatherings…block 69


Hey…I’m home from Paducah…So much excitement there…I meant to post this while I was at the show…but you know…too much going on…So here another fun block!

I am in Paducah( ok…i WAS)….surrounded by wonderful quilt…this is the show banner…I snapped a few pics of the quilts I thought were awesome, all of these were “on the way” to our booth….

The muted colors on this one below were so sweet!!
I loved all the houses…and cars and shops and it went on…and on..

This quilt was just so well done…Dru this one is for you…
This next one was so interesting …lots of dates…basically a timeline of events in this quiltmakers  life…

This was David’s quilt…one of my longtime customers in Paducah…Congratulations David!!!  This is a Nancy Rink design…we are doing this in the CA shop as a BOM.Then there was this…I believe this pattern of mine is about 13 years old???   But we all know quilt patterns are really timeless…I thought I would be able to read the quiltmakers name from this photo… I will hopefully get it today-Bobbe Green from Paducah KY… thank you for the nice surprise…She really just used my blocks added the appliqué border and left out all the HSTs I had in mine…It’s a beauty!!!

Then I think there has been a Primitive Garden in every KY show for a few years now…how special it is to see another…this is Tamara Watts-McPhail’s from Ankeny, IAI have MUCH more to share from the show…so I’ll save some for another post….have a great night!!




Moda Blockheads Block 28

Boy the weeks just fly by…I don’t know if I like that or not…Time flies way to fast now… and here we are with another block…this week it is Jan’s turn again with a super cute pumpkin block… Visit her blog to get the pattern…Jan’s Blog

I wish I had time to make the pumpkin block before I left for Paducah KY, but I only had a small window of time so I did the alternative for the appliqué block…I am sure the others will have plenty of super cool pumpkins to show you so I thought the pieced block would be the best choice for those who cannot do the applique…or want an all pieced quilt.

I have to admit I thought this block was going to be really tough…but I had it all cut and pieced in 45 min. and it turned out AWESOME!!!!  I know you are going to roll your eyes at me and ask me…REALLY????? But you know you can do this…STARCH those fabrics COMPLETELY wet…let them dry naturally and then iron and cut…you will be amazed at the difference in your piecing…HERE is the pattern for pieced Block 28

This week’s question – Hand-Quilting – do you hand-quilt?  How frequently?  If so, do you have any tips to share?

Let me just say…I love to hand quilt…I still teach a “big stitch” hand quilting class at both my shops in WI & CA…I don’t do a lot of small fine hand quilting anymore…but maybe someday…when deadlines don’t come as fast!…lol…here are some photos of quilts I have big stitch hand quilted…..Like I said I have not fine quilted in a long, long, time…but have several quilts that I have beautifully done about  15 years ago, when quilting wasn’t my job…as far as do I have any tips?….I guess first if you have never hand quilted, I’d take a class…then I’d find a frame…a used one…you don’t have to buy one new…there are lots of them out there…mine is a Pleasant Mountain frame…Grace frames are nice too…ask at your guild, search on FB or Craigslist…this type of quilting shown here moves fast…you don’t want to be moving your hoop everyone couple of minutes…I have not looked at any of the videos out there to see if hand quilting can be taught with a video…I think someone needs to see what you are doing and then tell you what you need to adjust to get that needle to “rock” between those layers…and your hand without the needle has a job under the quilt…how do you show that on a video???  So I hope this helps you if you have thought about hand quilting your own quilts…I MISS and LOVE having a quilt on a frame that if I have a few blocks of time I can stitch…its wonderful…good for the soul.


I hope any of you affected by the hurricanes are not being overwhelmed by whatever they may have literally thrown at you…I cannot imagine my sewing room underwater, but I guess that all can be replaced…YOU are the most important and I am praying for everyone who is affected, my heart goes out to you all…

Happy Wednesday!!! LB

Please go and visit all the other designers today to get a look at all the great pumpkins they have sewn for you…