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scrap basket #11…I am on a roll…

  I have a confession…I am working hard…it is actually hard for me to do anything else…all I want to do is work???  Is that wrong?  Remember I am quilting????  Who wouldn’t want to do this all the time?  No seriously…I can’t explain it, but it is hard for me to stop working…Nick has been gone driving to Long Beach for two days and I only stopped working go to my Brothers Birthday party and bring the dogs to their 2nd home while we are gone…other than that I have been working it is 11 pm and I should be pinning or something (Pinterest) and relaxing in bed before I have to get up at 4 to catch my 6am flight to LB, CA…Why can I not relax or just waste some time????  Why do I have to be so productive????LB

Whoops I almost forgot this….(see I am a little worried about this), just a little…lol….SCRAP BASKET BLOCK #11  PS…I love those 2″ stars!

PSS…I have bugged you guys 6 out of the last 7 days….I am trying to be a better blogger too…hopefully not a pesty one….goodnite…

I am setting this post to post on the 24th.. real time it is the 22nd…I love the fact that we can schedule posts…

You all will have a couple of things to do while I am in Long Beach!!!


scrap basket block #10

Bet you all didn’t expect this next block so soon!!! I told you I was going to try harder to get these done…I also have #11 stitched too…so look for that one soon also… The directions for #10 are here   SCRAP BASKET BLOCK #10

By the time you get this I will be flying to CA.  Hopefully stitching in the airport between flights.  I can’t wait to see my friends from CA…It is nice to go every 6 months to CA…I luv Ontario and Long Beach…now I have to figure out how to get my roller blades in with my stitching…Nick conveniently did not pack our bikes…so I am bumming and then remembered I have rollerblades!…walking can get boring…I like to cover more ground…. I had so much fun biking on the beach last year…husbands can be a drag sometimes….I am sure he will read this and be mad at me for a second, but I do look forward to simple things like that…I really don’t ask for a lot!!!

You have to see this…(I just got an email while typing this)…. Jo and Janet…they have been at the retreat house…and are from NE.  I remember because Jo was in one of my classes and she has the longest orange fingernails of any stitcher I have ever seen!  But I got to tell ya…that girl can stitch! and here’s the proof….she stitched both quilts and Janet is a long arm quilter…she is going to quilt both…I think this is a great barter system… Do you think it is an even trade?  Tell me what you think!  I can’t wait to see their next photo of both quilts quilted!!! Go Janet GO!


summer freebie…finishing

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer “freebies”.  (the freebies are included in any $12.50 purchase- excluding bom’s from the shop or with an  online order- 1 block is offered each week.) Missed freebies can be purchased for $5 per week…

I am getting ready to leave for LONG BEACH for Summer Quilt Festival and need to get my stuff together to stitch…Hope to see all my CA Friends at the show!!!!
I also am teaching a Workshop at Stars & Scraps in Corona,CA next  Monday the 30th…take a sick day and come learn all my secrets of working with wool…Call Raquel, I know there are a few open spots left….  Here is the phone number…(951-737-3959)

I am showing the finishing kit option for  2012 Summer Freebie….The finishing kit will include the sashing, corner stones, wool circles, black border/binding and wool for the words: my favorite things… and the pattern….That is the finishing kit for $20.  The quilt finishes 31×37.

Then I want you to personalize the borders to fit YOU!,  add things that are important to you… I am showing you how I am finishing my quilt so you get ideas or why you do not want Jeter and Presley on your quilt.  It is not stitched , so it is not that exciting yet….but I am going to encourage you to design the rest…you can do this…don’t think you cannot…I could have designed a generic border and charged a lot more, but that is not what this little quilt is about…so please understand why I am not sharing “my” quilt with you, only the basics…My photos on my blog always seem to be brighter than they are in true life…so keep that in mind when picking your wools…

Some things that are my favorite things: Boating/summer and Warm hands in winter….Sunflowers, Basket full of penny flowers, tulips in spring, “quilting” will be big stitched quilted and Jeter & Presley of course….I also am going to stitch my favorite saying…Bloom where you are planted…

I am sure you can think more things that are important to you too…like your grandchildren’s hands, books for reading, angels for people we miss…knitting needles and so on…if you have a pet…go to google, type in your kind of pet and search images and look for a silhouette….endless possibilites…

Make a fake paper border and design your border…I have included mine, so you can see that this is how I do it…

I am waiting to hear from my Canada girls…are you impressed I didn’t send you the american flag?…if anyone got the american flag instead of the canadian design…let us know…

time for me to pick up my studio…it is a mess from all this tracing, stitching, cutting, peeling of fusible web and so on….wish the wool fairy could wave her wand and it get put away….lol…LB


New designs…coming soon…

Here is what I was stitching yesterday…I am stitching a couple of Autumn designs.

Below are the girls who attended my Working with Wool Workshop…These girls wanted a crazy pattern, so I teamed up with Joanne and this is what happened…Wool Flower Crazy….a bunch of flowers with cool crazy stitches between them…and a few bugs….

These  two designs along with some other will be on our site after I come home from Long Beach…so sorry you will have to wait a bit…but it is nice to have something to look forward to!

We just signed a contract to go to Oaks, PA!!! in September, the 13-16th…will you come to our booth?  I guess this is near Philly???? I am counting on all of you who continue to say…please come to our state….this is a Mancuso show…hopefully they will let us do VA and MA too!!!


the dog days of a july summer….

Jeter was taking a nap while I stitched in the chair next to him this afternoon….he has to be to be close……………..I thought I might share this summer’s pieced BOW…are you keeping up?  I have up to 3 all done…parts of 4 & 5 stitched and I am sizing 6 and 7 tonite…Carole is auditioning a border….hmmm I don’t know if I am going to border…Are you?  I know she now has this basted and is ready to quilt it!!!

Hope this inspires you to keep up or keep stitching…



scrap basket block #9 remember these?

Ok…I have to apologize for being so spuratic in my publishing these blocks…but this one is so cool, you will forgive me…for those of you who do not know what they are they are free 6″ block patterns I am giving out that you make from your scrap bin…you will have to search my old blog posts for them…hint…use the search button…but here is the ninth one…  click this link and start piecing from your scrap bin!!!  SCRAP BASKET BLOCK #9

and in case you are wondering….that is a 2″ star in the middle…you will be able to use the flying geese ruler/chart that is on our site or that you bought in our booth..

I promise…to keep making theseLisa


New local business… a n u studio for well-being neenah, wi

I just love to promote new businesses, especially if they are owned by women…for the past couple of years i have been taking a class called Body Flow…at our Gold’s Gym on Saturdays and Sundays when I am in town…I love this class because it combines, Thai Chi, Pilates and Yoga into one class…The instructor cues you and you follow along, flowing from one motion to the next…I especially love the beginning Thai Chi…so back to the Golds Gym thing…one day i notice that the name of the gym has changed…I must have been gone out of town for a bit…then about a month or so went by… I attended one class and something changed, don’t know but it was not the same gym…I did not go back…cancelled my membership, informed the boys they need to get their own membership now…and then out of the blue I get a message at the shop that my Body Flow teacher, Rebecca wanted to let me know their is a NEW place in town to go to and there was a free class on Sunday!…so off I went…she must known I slid off the exercise band wagon a bit…hmmm someone is looking out for me…

It is simply called  a n u , owned by Shannon Kennedy, they offer a wide variety of classes, and workshops promoting well-being…I am simply thrilled to have not lost my Body Flow classes…they were the most relaxing part of my work out schedule…so if you local girls are interested in Body Pump, Body Flow, Zumba, CXWORKS, and a bunch of other offerings please visit their site for all the details and stop by for a class…see you there!

Shannon and Janet

Rebecca, Janet and Michele 


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