Loading new flannel kits in Madison booth

We are trying really hard to finish all 12 kits from our new book for the Madison show….these kits are so pretty!



SBOW…more info….

I have had a few questions regarding the wool SBOW…

The paid in full customers have NOT paid for the finishing kits.  This was not included in the price because I did not have the quilt finished to know what to charge…so even if you paid in full for your 13 block you still have to send us an email or order from the site.  

You may also want to order the 2″ “triangles on a roll” to go with your finishing kit…I think  there are about 720 or so in the quilt but using the Tri’s on a Roll make this a lot faster without losing accuracy.

The quilt finishes 86″ x 86″.  

Thanks and I hope you all have a nice Holiday weekend!

Finishing kit for Words to Live by…SBOW 2013


Hey Everyone….This post is for everyone who participated in the summer’s Wool Block of the Week….Here is the finished quilt.

I am finally DONE!  I love this quilt!

Now for the details…The finishing kit is $145.  You can order it by emailing us at the shop…

primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com   or

you can order it on our site but you will have to do through the shopping cart and enter all that stuff again…if you just shoot us an email we can just attach it to the rest of your infor and ship them when it is ready.  Click Here to order on website

PLEASE….PLEASE…PLEASE try and order by September 15th.  We need to know if we have enough fabric or if we need to order more…The quilt is really scrappy with lots of triangles and setting triangles…inner border and then 4 wool applique blocks and will include the binding and pattern instructions.

If you missed out on this as BOW you can order as a it as a BOM starting this October for $28 per month at 14 months.  Click Here to order  it as a BOM.  The girls who did this during our summer event saved $70 and got the Summer Blooms as a bonus!  Don’t miss out next year!!!

We are in the process of sending out our first email with MailChimp….so look for that soon…LB


Hey California girls…notice the tail on my left bird?  Just made it a little longer to cover the ink spot!!! ugghhh..

Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings  Words to Live by...SBOW 2013
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Words to Live by…SBOW 2013


close up...Words to Live by.. LB/Primitive Gatherings 2013
close up…Words to Live by..
LB/Primitive Gatherings