Day 3…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 3Day 3…only 2 more left…Today is a BOBBON HOLDERGrabobbin-Magnetic-Bobbin-Holder100126-379_th…Now this is magnetic…so it is for metal bobbins…Did you buy a Juki last year or the year before?  You for sure will need this one if you did…my Bernina has metal bobbins too…I don’t think I will ever own a machine with plastic bobbins, It’s kind of a deal breaker for me…now do not take that the wrong way if you have plastic bobbins,…I don’t want anyone mad at me for being honest and HEY you probably paid A LOT more for your machine than I did for mine…I like sturdy, heavy, built tough sewing machines…It’s kind of how I am built too, If I think about it…the featherweights have metal bobbins also…and they have stood the test of time…So back to the bobbin holder…Here is all the stuff I have sitting on the right hand side of my machine…Lisa BongeanI love to load all of my bobbins and stitch away…this holder keeps them nicely stored…in view, accessible and even kind of pretty I think…It is much prettier when the bobbins are all full, but I just LOVE my bobbin holder and think anyone with metal bobbins would want one…They are reg. $12.oo on sale for $9.75.  HERE is a link to get your own bobbin holder.  I probably should have picked up my little area…but I thought I would crop the picture…but after seeing it…I liked it…it looks “lived in”…

I want to thank you all again for listing your favorite designers yesterday…there were some I didn’t even know…I’ll be checking them out…But how fortunate are we to have all these great people in this industry and all the wonderful fabric companies to rely on for our fix…

As you may know I collect antique quilts…I am amazed at what these women did with a block pattern from a newspaper, scraps, needles, thread and a scissors…I am pretty sure I may not be quilting if I had to do it ALL with out all of our wonderful notions, fabrics and many books and patterns to replicate or use as inspiration.  I am very blessed also to be doing what I am…I love it…I still want to QUILT/STITCH everyday!

Do you want to win the magnetic bobbin holder?  If so…tell me did you come from a long line of quilters?  Did your Mother teach you?  Did you discover it all on your own?  Is it the most thing you are passionate about and can’t get enough??? or is it something you do every now and then…I sometimes wonder If I’m totally crazy by myself or if there are many like me?

Thinking again of deal breakers again… I just thought of something you really don’t need to know about me …I once a long time ago dated a guy I really liked…handsome..good guy…funny..everybody liked him…but only after a few dates I had to break it off…He had this a laugh that was very irritating to me…and remember I said he was funny, so he laughed a lot…there are some things that are just deal breakers…but I sometimes wonder If I would have given it a chance would one get used to it… I think the answer is…NO!…I’m with the one I’m supposed to be with!!!    Love you Honey..even when you drive me totally crazy some days!  (just checking to see if you read my posts!)



Day 4…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 4Day 4…TWEEZERS-now this NEEDFUL things was recently given to me as a gift, Thanks Jakey!…Martelli_Tweezers-300 I recently have finished some wool appliqué projects that have some tiny pieces…these tweezers tremendously aided in moving around, tucking and placing those appliqué pieces just right.  One of my friends says she cannot do tiny wool appliqué…she states:  “My fingers are like sausages…they can’t work with those tiny appliqués”…Well…this is just what is needed.  A stiletto is fine for moving…but sometimes you need to lift one shape to tuck under another and that is why I love the tweezer…It is also handy for picking out those threads from ripped seams, when the rubber thingy doesn’t pull them out..look at how sharp those points are!!!……now this tweezer is very reasonably priced at $8.50…on Sale for $6.80. Click HERE if you NEED to order one for yourself…IMG_1436IMG_1437
and I love the black..It so sleek and sexy and feels good in your hands.  I also have made this little nifty 3 compartment carrier for my 5″ DOVO SCISSORS, by tweezers and my NEEDLE THREADER for peele cotton.  Now Everythings is nice and handy…I will have a pattern for this carrier in an up coming- book about WOOL!  Hopefully it will be out for Spring Market.IMG_1433IMG_1435 2


I will be adding the Tweezer to my class supply lists as it is a handy tool…especially if we have sausage fingers…lol…For a chance to win this lovely tweezer tell me who your 3 favorite quilt pattern/fabric designers are?  Do you pay attention to that or not? If someone asked you right now what quilt you are piecing or wool project your are stitching would you be able to tell them?

I’m a little tired from the party last night…so will post about that tomorrow… here is a peek at my “ugly ornament”…made in the last 5 minutes before leaving for the party…IMG_1401I found an old kitchen sponge under the sink…wacked it off with my rotary cutter and inserted the “trunk” which gave it a nice modern feel…and then added some perle cotton for a hanger…I know we are all busy running around doing Christmas stuff…have a great day.

Day 5…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 5Day 5…Beam n Read…Do you always seem to need extra light?  I do especially when I am traveling or need to stitch someplace other then at home where my STELLA lives…I use this wonderful light that sends a beam of LED light exactly where I need it…It works awesome in hotels for stitching…you all know I spend a lot of time on the road…This light is light on my neck…the adjustable strap is soft elastic that doesn’t bother me, being around my neck.  It is small easy to store (in my padded zip pouch I keep in with my stitching) but the impact is BIG… It folds flat and when you need it to turn on you flip it up…I thought my batteries were wore out…after I turned it on…no light…forgot you have to flip up the light for it to turn on…I don’t use the magnifier as shown…but maybe some of you would like that option.  Beam N Read is on our site reg. $29.99…on sale for $24..Click HERE if you NEED one of these too!

Time is flying on these NEEDFUL THINGS… If you could have any ONE thing for Christmas…I mean anything…what would it be.  Comment to win a light!




Day 6…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 6This is party day…so short post…Do you burn your fingers when pressing seams open? NOT ANYMORE!!!

Day 6…Finger stiletto….or hot finger…this has many uses…I use it on my finger to aide in opening my seams when using the STRIP STICK  and ironing my seams open…especially on my little quilts.  With the STEAM STATION it throws a ton of steam and it can burn fingers easily…so this little gadget helps tremendously…BOLD items were on last years NEEDFUL THINGS. See December 2013 and 2012 posts on side bar to view previous needful things…finger stiletto

There are a couple of different brands on the market, but this is the one I think is the most versatile…Here is Madeline’s VIDEO as to other way to use this in appliqué and paper piecing with starch…Her site is old and having issues like OURS was…so we can understand that…To order the Finger Stiletto click HERE  they are on sale for Regular $10 on sale for $8.00.

Comment for today to win…You working on your Christmas Cards?

Fact: Nick writes ours out…He probably is nervous I wouldn’t get to it…he may be right?



My teaching schedule…

I know some of you were commenting about where and when I will be teacsecuredownload-5hing…This is my current schedule…Now I WILL be adding classes when I am in CA & WI.  Those are NOT on here and will be added once things are running smoothly…  I am booked for 2015 & 2106. I am going to be a GRANDMOM in February!!!!  Looking ahead I have cut down a bit for 2016 and 2017 will be the same when we start taking those reservations…If you are a guild or a group and want to schedule for 2017 Contact Amy in the new (  she has my workshop info and contract ready to send out to book these very limited dates…

I am looking so forward to 2015 and I am not sad to see 2014 end I think it has been the worst year I have ever had personally…BUT…I believe there are many great things happening in 2015 and being a Grandma is very important to me and going to be very special.

If you are not in a guild..or I am not teaching anywhere you are from…why not come to WI…we have lots for you to do..we have a Shop, a warehouse, my studio and you can even stitch/stay at my HOUSE  click HERE for some pics.  Contact Amy again for any info.

I am sure some of you who get this have come here to WI …and can comment on how much fun it is!!!

Day 7…Needful Things…

12 Days of Christmas 7

Thanks for all the laughs yesterday, there were some funny, funny comments!!…and even for those of you who had nothing for me…thats fine too…just commenting and wanting to win a ruler was good enough for me…we sold lots of rulers yesterday…maybe Santa will be EXTRA good to us on Christmas Day!!

Day 7’s NEEDFUL things is again something I didn’t think I NEEDED….wrong…after laying patches out and having this happen again and again…I’m giving in..snoman gatherings 2

I can’t keep it from happening…I am using 9 light fabrics…this SHOULD NOT happen…but it does…from now on I am pinning my pairs when I stitch with numbered pins…nqpinsno more screwing up…and ripping!!! or not ripping because I’m tired of ripping…I can live with this below,snowman gatherings 2 with them kitty corner…but this was not supposed to happen either…





Now I know some of you are going to say…who cares…and that’s fine…who cares…but when I take the TIME  to lay them out so this does not happen…I do care…

Succumbing to pining with numbered pins when it matters is going to be the way to go from now on…I will still use my fine pins for seams, these are not intended to replace them…The numbered pins are for organization which will work on stitching squares together… stitching blocks together, numbering rows and probably a bunch more uses that some of you who already own them can tell us about…but I’m using them from now on…Here are the details:

130 Straight Pins Numbered 1-20. Each pin is approx. 2″ in length.
Pins come in a convenient doubled sided plastic case approx. 5″ x 5″, with divided sections holding the numbered pins
Reverse side of pin head is blank which you can mark with a permanent marker if you      need numbers higher than 20
Perfect for organizing your quilt blocks & rows

So convenient for taking to class, demonstrations, etc. Makes a great gift.

Pins are $29.95 and for this event they will be $24!  Shop HERE if your tired of  fabrics finding a way to be together when stitching?

I’m having a Christmas party for our family and “mutual” friends tomorrow night…an “ugly ornament” contest and this year some “live” entertainment…I’m not making ALL the appetizers this year…I’ve asked everyone to share one…I feel a little bad about this, but I know I couldn’t have pulled it off with all the extra things going on…so I took the easy way out this year!!! Jake, Amy and Al have been setting up the warehouse and I gave them some special projects to do…I will take some pics and share them after…

To win some Numbered Pins…comment and tell me what is your favorite thing about the holidays…be honest…If its when everyone goes home…then say so!!! NO… just kidding…I know everyone like spending time with their families…but do you like to bake cookies?…do you like to shop?  Do you like to wrap?  I want something specific…an easy comment for today…see you tomorrow- LB