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the magic of christmas-block 7

I hope you all are doing well…I’m trying to get back in the swing of things here after being gone over 10 days!!! Caught up on Laundry, house stuff, organize work stuff, Dr’s appointments..and deadlines…yes I seem to live by the deadline…I am currently working on patterns and stitching quilts for our upcoming Fall Market and Festival in Houston…I need to start making a our Primitive Christmas event will have to be done before I leave for Houston too!!! It will get done…but I thought I should post one of these babies because we are going to see a lot of them in a row…because I am home now until Oct 27th..thats a whole month!!! Also got my “little man” fix today…just what MeMe needed! Yes…thats what he calls me and it soooo sweet coming out of his mouth the way He says it..

Happy Friday Night…remember to post on Instagram and FB #themagicofchristmasquiltfullsizerender-3 img_8073magic-of-christmas-block-7-bw


Leanne…I found your pic on instagram…email me your address…I’m sending you a present for your hard work and for spreading the love!   email me at:   lisa.bongean@yahoo.comimg_8153


The Magic of Christmas block 6 and Alabama

Hi Everyone…

I have safely made my way to CA from AL…I loved teaching in AL…Had two great classes with lots of smart women…most of them were software engineers, scientists and more than one were pilots of blackhawk helicopters!  This would be an interesting group to spend more than a couple of days with…they are all from the Huntsville AL area where the NASA rockets are/were built…img_7865 img_7866

And some of them even brought show and tell from the last time I was in AL in 2011.

img_7868 img_7872

One night after class June…took me to see the “old ” beautiful houses and then to the Lowell Mill…a closed but reopened old mill that is full of artists/craftmen’s spaces and food and entertainment…there was a band playing on the old loading dock…so much fun…thanks June for taking me!!!

img_7881 img_7885Now I don’t want you to go too long between blocks…did no. 6 the night before I left…but did not take a pic to post..but you’ll forgive me…I hope..



I know you don’t need to know this but….I watch way too many Netflix series when I am gone…this guy is way to easy on the eyes…even when he’s full of mud from building the Union Pacific RR!!  Cullen Bohannon-Hell on Wheels-I’m on season 5!!  Anyone else watch this one yet?   LBimg_8047


The magic of Christmas-Block 5

I had so much fun today hanging out with my WI Sit & Sew girls today…It’s getting to be a nice bunch…we had two outta staters…Seattle and Iowa!!!! Yay!!! Lori made a fabulous pumpkin desert!!! Thanks Lori!…sorry Jean..only one block today…Jean wanted me to post two so she could print them back to back…Teri only sent me the colored version of 6!!! But at least you girls get sneak peeks and all my stuff going on, for what thats worth…lol!

Are you ready for another block???? Glad you are loving them!…

Glad to hear that some of you are going out of your box and making things your normally wouldn’t have…

Glad to hear some you are doing both blocks…I’m thinking it doesn’t take much extra time to do the 2nd version blocks because you can layer when you cut!!!



I am really loving these blocks…hmmm see any patterns forming?Lisa Bongean

I’m packing for Huntsville AL and Murrieta, CA going to be gone for 10 days!!! Enjoy!  LB




Old Fashioned Beef Barley Soup…

There’s nothing like home-made soup….I grew up with a mother who cooked great soups…I swear to god she could open up the fridge throw all the leftovers in and make creme-ala refrigerator soup and it would be amazing…So I made sure I knew how to make soup and gravy from her…and I can.  You will always be a star, or be remembered if you can fill someone’s belly with real good home cooking!

Someone begged pretty-please with all kinds of sugar on top for the recipe for the soup I posted on Instagram yesterday…here is a printable PDF of it.. old-fashioned-beef-barley-soup ..  You must let me know how it was if you make it…When I have it for lunch tomorrow I will take a pretty picture of it in the bowl and add it to this post…for now you get the soup in the pot on the stove…It’s the perfect soup to make after a day at the Farmer’s market!

Tomorrow I will post block 5 of MOC.  img_7827


The Magic of Christmas Block 4

Oh what the heck…let’s do another block already…since I already posted twice today in the last hour!!! Sorry to fill you email box!img_7731Here the story on this block…after it was finished…I thought it still wasn’t finished…so I added something else…directions are for the city version shown below here…if you like the top omit the 4 HST and add 4 more squares….img_7730The Magic of Christmas Block 4 B&W

The Magic of Christmas Block 4 Color

Now don’t get all stressed out!  Just make the one you want!!!

Just a couple of things that have come up in questions…Blocks should measure 6 1/2″ …until they are sewn into the quilt…now they are 6″ finished.

If you have ordered fabrics from us…and we have subbed a few…just use whatever.. as it honestly does not matter what fabric is used in what block.

Please encourage your friends to do this quilt with you…stitch with friends……and get on instagram and post your blocks…#themagicofchristmasquilt

Stitch a block today!!!



The magic of Christmas corrected block 3

The Magic of Christmas Block 3 

The magic of Christmas color block 3

Sorry…here are the new corrected blocks for you to print.

Have a good day!!!


Wisconsin Shop Update…

First of all I want to “Thank” all of you who understand that the issues we have at the WI store are out of our hands…As some of you know we are under major road construction at the shop and what happened on Friday August 26 is when they hooked up the sewer and water with the new road a couple of weeks earlier…they never really hooked our pipe up…they hooked an abandoned pipe up instead…so eventually  after all our pipes we filled up it came up out of the upstairs toilet…so it damaged the carpet upstairs ran through the ceiling into the modern room, hallways, closets and kitchen in the lower level…Service Master spend almost a week with the labor day holiday cleaning and tearing the place up, drywall, sub flooring and carpeting…img_7729img_7679…In my opinion…they were a little excessive but it’s there job to do the best cleanup possible…so the shop is squeaky clean now, all the remaining carpet has been sanitized even it it was to affected.

It wasn’t until Sept 1 that the City of Menasha took charge over the State’s contractor…tore up the new road and hooked up our pipes so we finally had water and facilities….Thank you to the Mayor Merkes of Menasha, Tim, Adam and the other guys who work for the City of Menasha… they did the work as fast as they could after finding out nothing was being done.  I’m sure their still fighting over who’s fault it is…this is just my speculation on course..and how I perceived it…

img_7677 img_7676 img_7675 img_7674 img_7673

Now after the holiday weekend new upstairs carpet is going in tomorrow after the guys have emptied the whole front part of the store so the new carpet can go under everything, which is a big chore there is lots of stuff in there!!! …we still have more work downstairs, the plasters have been in this only the painting and flooring and moving lots of inventory but I’m not really worried about that as much…just need to get the upstairs ready…

SO…we are technically not open yet…but if customers stop in because they are not on social media we let them in to shop what we do have…but thankfully it has only been a few.  In the beginning we had several customers basically “mad” at us because we were closed… Now I can understand that they were disappointed after driving 4 hours from out of state…but to get mad is not acceptable…we definitely did not want this to happen.

In the whole scheme of things with what is happening in Louisiana and other places in the world this is nothing…a minor event…but please know we are moving as fast as possible to get the store open and operating in its full capacity.

Our employees are now back in the store getting things ready for shipping so I’m sure Jess will be updating you on our block of the week shipments and if there is any delays…With all of this going on we may not be on top of phone calls, emails and such…so we again THANK you for your understanding and appreciate all of our customers near and far…

my best,

Lisa and the Amazing Staff of Primitive Gatherings

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