Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4

Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This week’s block is from Brigitte from Zen Chic…I spent some time with Brigitte and her “new man” at Quilt Market this Spring…our booths were next to each other…she is a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to know…Did you know she has created all the pattern pages /graphics you are getting each week!!!  I just loved this quilt of hers in her booth…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

So when you go to her blog to get this week’s block pattern make sure you take a look around to see what else she has…and maybe you need to make this quilt for a Grand or someone you love…

Here is my version of Brigitte’s block…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

then here is the gang…hanging out…Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here is the pattern link...Block 4

It’s been cr–azy here…lots to do and going on…you should be recieving your kits for Block Heads  and if you ordered just recently they are working on the last of them and they will be sent out this week yet…so thank you for being patient and we are all lucky because the blocks are really easy to catch up on!!!

I had my Sit & Sew girls out at the house yesterday…here are some pics…ENJOY!!!

NOTE: The underlined names are hot links to the information about the project.  Just click them and it will send them to our site to order…if there is no link I do not know or there is not a pattern.

Donna with Flax Farm finished!!!Moda Blockheads 2 Quilt Along Project: Block 4 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Karen…showing off her badges they get when they come each time!IMG_1813

Moon Garden Blocksall caught up through 3…Mary Ann is smiling because they are so much fun!!



IMG_3289Lori just finishing up the binding on To Plant a Flower, a summer freebie from a couple of years ago…IMG_1764

Kathy…had some amazing quilts to share…her Triangle Gatherings Quilt!!!IMG_2413

Terri with her Hexi project…it matches her summer outfit perfectly!!!IMG_3288

Lori also shared a baby quilt made from her fabric collection…


Kathy’s donation quilt…a free pattern tutorial…I can’t remember who the designer was…anyone (Kathy) know and want to comment so we all will know…so stinking cute!!!


Judy with her Moon Garden Blocks…go to Moon Garden Stitch Along on Facebook to get these free patterns each month…you have to ask to join but we will welcome you!!!IMG_9135

Susan our snowbird…shared her Pumpkin Table Mat…such beautiful stitching!!!IMG_6370

I quickly decorated the house for Summer…here is the quilt cabinet.  How do you like those tiny 1/2″ HST point on that featured quilt!!!  IMG_1483 2

Enjoying lake life as much as possible…all for now…IMG_3229.jpg




Row by Row…2018… Sew Musical

Today is the kick off for our 2018’s Row by Row Experience…This year you can do different sizes other than the 9×36″ row…so that made it extra fun!!

Here is our (Foxy Boxy)18×18 block…the happy musical emoji!!!  We all love music…and I am sure you know someone who is into singing, playing or listens to music…to make them this awesome quilt or just the pillow…The pattern is FREE when you come into the shop to pick it up…Kits are only $15 and we have included enough fabric for you to make it into a pillow as wellOur cute emoji was machine blanket stitched down with 50wt. Auriful Threads… which we have thread kits made up.I wanted to share a different way to use your blocks other than making a quilt…so I machine quilted the block on my Juki…using invisible threads and a 1 inch grid…and then I made a pillow back and stuffed in an 18×18″ pillow…Look how fabulous he looks on the bed!!Here are the Rules for the Row by Row Experience…

2018 Dates: June 21- September 4, 2018

                      Pattern FREE for shop hoppers who come into the Shop only

Sept. 5- Oct. 31, 2018

• Shops may continue to SELL patterns and kits IN-STORE ONLY
• Add a price ($5 minimum suggested) to each pattern

• After October 31, patterns and kits may be sold in any way: online, mail order

If you must have this pattern/and or kit…we will take pre orders and ship it to you when they allow us too….I’ll let you know when it’s on our website!!!

Click here for more info on Row By Row 2018 Experience

Moda Block Heads II… Block 3

Happy Wednesday Everyone…

I hope you all are enjoying these blocks…I think I like how simple and fast some of them are at this moment in my world…they take no time to complete…more time to pick the fabrics than to cut and stitch them…

Today’s block is from Carrie…Click HERE to see her post…and get the pattern for this block.

I made this block while on a teaching retreat in sunny hot southern California…I am hoping the sun comes out today here in dreary Wisconsin…we have had several rainy days in a row, lots of flooding going on in the state so it is definately time for the SUN!

Can’t wait to see all your blocks on FB! Keep sharing it makes all this super fun to see all the blocks getting sewn…Here is a pic of my set of three so far…so you can see how they are “getting along” together…I know we sold lots of kits and they will be landing soon…good thing these blocks are not hard…you’ll catch up fast…and those little triangles are leftovers from the 1st block cut offs from the folded corners…so I will have to make something with them with I get a spare moment…

All for now…have a GREAT rest of the week…Lisa


Assessing my situation…

Is anyone like me?…All has to be sorted, put away…cleaned up…re-organized to I can peacefully do my work?  I think I am almost there again…It’s been 6 weeks since my hamstring injury…so time to get back to moving on a regular basis also, that has also been hanging over my head.  I tried to get out this morning with Jeter…but the rain drops were too large…the sun is supposed to come out later today so I switched gears and made my Moon Garden Vidieo this morning that was long over due..but it’s hard to nail down Nick to help…and then I need to be in a state of being videoed…since that was not happening I just got up…put on my work out clothes, scratched that (rain) and went up to the studio….Nick came to kiss me good-bye and I said…wait…let’s get this video no- make up…didn’t even comb my hair and we shot a short little video…as I wait for it to be loaded into Facebook I am writing this…so here is what’s going on in my world..

Twilight Garden- 6 blocks finished

Summer Freebies- All done..need to think about finishing…

Star Studded Event- Working on Week 3…(this is what I need to work on and maybe do a tutorial on how I stitch my little flying geese…)

Row by Row starts tomorrow??? Need to finish up pattern TODAY!

BlockHeads II post needs to be done…

Block Heads edits for Martingale due June 26th

Finishing up projects for our September Outer Banks Retreat- everyone wants to know what we are making!!!!

Quilt Stock/ Re Store need some attention…what am I bringing to sell?…Each designer gets   10 things?

I am designing the WI Shop Hop Fabric!!! Just sent back strike-offs…I love it!!

Deadline for Star & Stripe Gatherings Fabric- Projects due July 14th…Fabric release is Jan/Feb

Working on a few ruler projects.

Triangle Gatherings finished quilts are starting to arrive for photography…

Launching Wool Mystery Box and Mini Quilt Mystery box…every other month/6 installments. Time to start designing and working on these projects ..

Now you are all up to date with what’s on my plate at the moment…along with some other new additonal products…like…

Primitive Gatheirng Wooly Mats!!!  That is what the photo on the top is really all about!!!

We must have purchased a ton of these so they contacted us and asked if we wanted to do custome sizes…they must have been reading my mind because….I was thinking I have a “big board” ironing board…and I wanted the whole thing covered!!  We also wanted to be able to give you great pricing on them!!!

For us Quilter’s these pads help us create perfectly press seams.  Heat is trapped in the pressing pad and then radiates back up to the underside of the fabric therefore, effectively ironing both sides at the same time. The wool fibers of this pad hold the fabric to minimize stretching while ironing. Stretching often happens with half-square triangles.

This dense wool pad is ideal for blocking your wool applique or embroidery or yarn projects as they can be pinned directly into the wool pad. Because there is some “give” to the wool surface, when ironing embroidery projects there is less chance of losing the dimension to the embroidery, while not flattening the threads or knots.

The main reason I wanted my whole “big board” ironing surface covered for when I was pressing quilt rows and whole quilts…I did not like the lumps and bumps of only having  a 17x 24 mat…and then…If you don’t have a big board ironing surface what the next best thing?  20×20 wool pad…so I can press my whole wool applique blocks and not have to move them…and then we also have the 12×12 travel or mini size if you doing some pressing by your machine…I did not spend the extra money to round the corners..I did not this mattered for the extra $$ it would have costed.

Our prices on these items are way more reasonalble then the others out there on the market…Our 20×58 is only $95!  20×20 is only $45 and then the mini 12×12 is $18…HERE is the link to our site to order!

I know some of you have orderd the wooly mats we sold at Christmas time and now maybe it’s time to another OR maybe you were on the fence…I can’t wait to be pressing, now!!!  Time to cut round 3 and starch round 4 of Star Studded Event!!!

Also Amy, my assistant is having some Oral surgery today and will be out for a time….Let’s send her some Facebook love today!!! Here FB is Amy Wichman Hoefler

Have a great day!!! Lisa







Moon Garden Block 3

Are you ready for the next block???

Here is the pattern!!!

the link for the free pattern has been removed… please visit our site to purchase it

Click HERE to go to the site if you want us to print the patten for you…

Here is my 2nd block that I will be sharing how to stitch the flower petals…and the stem stitch for the leaves…I think that is all that is new for this block?   Anyone think of anything else that I DID NOT already share in a previous video?  Please leave me a comment or in the FB group…

Please note that on the pattern I did not specifically state that I used the #8 O575 for the stem-stitches for the leaf veins This substituted flower wool is a nice one…more so than my original…

Nick and I will be doing a video on this block hopefully posting this weekend…Go to our Moon Garden Stitch Along group on Facebook…we will be doing a give-away there where you can post your blocks to win!!!

Thanks Everyone!!! Lisa


Gathering of Stitches Retreat…CA

The best thing about retreats…. the people.

Getting the opportunity to hangout and get to really know a person is better than all the quilt fabric in the world… making friends is priceless and when you attend a retreat this happens…

I just spent a wonderful 4 days with a bunch of awesome women… whom I will miss until I come back in August and then November…here are some pics of our fun!

Betty had lots to share…finished PG designs … Tomorrow’s FlowersSomewhere in Time….Among Friends..Deb shared a finished Sue’s Stars…Deb is really a lot happier than what I captured here…loland Snow Dancethen Traci showed a fabulous Nancy Rink design… sorry I didn’t catch the name if it…she also had My Crazy Life almost done as well…Susan shared a few wool finishes… NEST is a single pattern now but was also in the out of print Summer Gatherings book which you may have already and then Geranium Baskets

Cindy finished a few projects she sent home with me to frame plus this Everday Crazy Mat that I helped her attach the bias binding to finish it up as well!!!

Here is another great PG quilt… Whirlwind Flight…with our signature HSTs…We only have the pattern listed right now for this but I bet we could make a kit if you wished…Karen is almost finished with it!!! …

Then we had some new projects we worked on especially for this retreat…

This is one of the new Welcome banners coming out in November…We will be putting up Pre Orders for them soon…here are the others that I showed in my Quilt Market booth in Portland OR…I do not try to show you things you can’t have but here is a peek!  Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter…these kits will come regular and Pre-cut/fused for those who love that and have some difficulties cutting and tracing…when you pre order on our site it charges your card on the spot…so I think it’s a little too soon to be holding your $$ that long…They will be $38 for the precut/fused kit/pattern, background and binding- and less for the non precut with pattern.

Then Star Penny Mat was super fun and easy as all the circles are precut/w/fusible!!!someone is working Moon Garden!!!  Look for those patterns here on the blog…search Moon Garden…this is our FREE stitch along going on right now…

We had about 30 women which made a nice cozy group.. if you want to join us in November 25-29th in sunny southern CA..please call the shop ask for Dru and she can send you the info… 951-304-9787 or email…

Hope you enjoyed our “retreat”…LB