Day 9- more stitching needful things

Today we are featuring 2 items that go together…one is from another small company and then the second one is hand made by my cousin Scott here at Primitive Gatherings.


IMG_5416 2

Do you remember those Embroidery Stitch Templates and the Stunning Stitches Book for Crazy quilts shown above?   A lot of you have them because we ran the company out of them….and the owner was so thrilled! Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500

I know if you got the book and templates you LOVE them!!! and now…..there are mini..25 seam shapes for smaller seams along with numbers, letters, hearts swirls and leaves…so the perfect companion for the one above …if you missed out on the book and the first Embroidery Shape templates above we have them in stock and just click on the links above and you can get those too but…Today we are featuring the mini new one!!!!  Which is the one I hope you need!


Here is a little peek at the templates….they are about 6″ square and have base designs for smaller stitches and seams...the ones above are different because they are for larger areas or seams.small templates

Here are the details Jess’s has put together for us…
Now what’s next?  When I stitch at home I sit in my chair and I have my feet up on my stool…but what do we do when we are going to class or retreat?  Here is the answer…
While I was teaching FL Katie showed me her stool that she used for rug hooking…It was also perfect for hand stitching too!
Why is it a traveling stool? Because it folds up and slides right in your bag and it has a handle for easy carrying to where ever you need to stitch!stool undersidestool collapsed
Mine is little beat up from use…but it works beautifully!
HINT!  The trick to these seam stitches is thicker thread…#8 and #5 work the best and they just happen to be on sale!!!! See previous post!image.png
And…did you follow along to see the finished project from the Stitch-A-Long (SAL)?  If not…here is the whole quilt…..Rhonda did an awesome job with the finished pattern…click the link below to go to Farmhouse Threads website if you want to order it…If want the individual blocks you need to contact the designers and that info is in my blog post HERE
All for now…How we doing on our Christmas/Holiday preparations?
I have a party tomorrow for my sewing group…I have been gone…I ran away with Nick for a couple of days to his favorite place..we just got home late last night, so lots to do to pull off a nice party…let’s make it an easy question today….Where do you think we  were?  Make your guess in the comment section….I will pick from the right answers…if you cannot guess. right….I will just pick a random winners for templates and a stool on Jan 1st! …… so Nick’s favorite place to visit is???

Day 10-Valdani

I love Sunday’s…and I try not to work on Sunday…so a nice short post for you today…Several of you have asked me for this one…



If you do not know it yet…we carry every color and weight of Valdani that they make…

So… to give you a chance to build your collection of #8 weight and #5 weights we are offering the individual balls at 25% off!  #12 weights  & 3 and 6 stranded flosses are on sale too!

If you click the links above they take you right to the weights you are needing.

Hey…and to sweeten the deal..I’m going off-script here…no one know’s I’m doing this but if you spend over 100$ in thread between now and Christmas…We will give you this book free!! It’s a place to take inventory of your threads…your projects…your future projects you wish to have…it gives you an explanation of threads, needless and which to use when…it gives you a list of must have supplies and techniques for wool…in this little book.  Best thing though…you can carry it with you to the quilt shop or quilt show…so you do not buy threads you  already have! Also you may have this book…and I have seen them and it makes me very proud when I see how much you have used them…they are a little beat…so here’s a chance to replace your well used book with no having to purchase it again!



We will be announcing another Stitch Along like Moon Garden in the New Year!

 I’m working on it…so don’t miss it!

So…do you want to win some Valdani?  Comment here and tell us if you are a beginner stitcher or if you are a seasoned veteran…and anything else you want to disclose…we promise not to tell anyone, anything, you reveal, to everyone, here on this blog, in this comment section.   I’ll start…I am a seasoned veteran stitcher…while I use my scissors for all my cutting I may be prone to use my teeth to cut my thread on my Valdani ball while hand stitching…even when my scissors is quite handy….and…I may have used too many commas in this paragraph but writing is not my strength…stitching is…must forgive me.

glad I got that off my chest…LB

PS- I loved reading your comments yesterday…here is one of my achievements as a quilter and that is designing lots of quilts that you  make and then…. they receive big awards at your quilt shows!   That is the BEST… makes me very proud!


Day 11 Needful Things…Fabric-Indigo Gatherings

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!…Are you decking your halls today? Are you shopping? Are you Stitching?  So much to do…right?  But make sure you get some of those things crossed off the list today!!!


Quilter’s always need Fabric..and I just happen to have a new line coming out in January.IMG_9055

Indigo blue and white, not bright white but cream which I consider white. Everyone loves blue and white quilts…It is the most sought after in the collecting of antique quilts…and there is a lot of buzz with blue and white right now…Houston just had a big blue and white quilt show…There is a Blue & White book coming out this month by Lissa Alexander by Martingale.

 We are going to put all our Indigo quilt kits 10% off, Patterns $1.00 off and the pre cuts 20% off!.  The discount will be taken at the end when you check out…and please make sure the Indigo Gatherings is the only thing on your order in your cart at the time of check out…They will ship probably 3rd week in January.  And hopefully they will be on time!  Thank you!

Blockheads Logo for LisaAnd..before I get too far into Indigo Gatherings…I just want to announce that Moda Block Heads 3 is starting in January and I am going to let you in a little secret before I announce to the 30,000 subscribers in the Moda Block Heads Facebook group that I will be using Indigo Gatherings and Urban Farmhouse Gatherings in my MBH3 project!  MBH3 will be different because….you can choose what size blocks to make…4,6,8 or 12″ blocks…I will be making 4″ and using Layer cakes of both lines.  If you want to make the two bigger size blocks I would get FQs..the middle sizes you probably can use F8s.  Just making sure you have first chance at the precuts coming in or what have left of Urban Farmhouse Gatherings.  I am going to mix them together to come up with another great quilt for you all…and this is all I can reveal at this time…no blocks yet!  Jan 15 MBH3 starts!

But back to Indigo Gatherings

Here are the quilt kits we have made with Indigo Gatherings…

Blue Monday…This 40″ quilt can be a baby quilt or a table quilt.  You can make it blue with a white star or cream with a blue star…which one do you like best?  The two quilt kits are different because there are only 10 light and 30 blue so that makes a difference in how they are kitted.  Trust me on this.

IMG_8933IMG_8960Oshkosh means “on the water”  I live on the outskirts of Oshkosh and love how we made the storm at sea blocks with ease…this quilt is made of several units…when all the units are done…stitch them together and we have a gorgeous quilt!IMG_9003

Indicon…The scrappy quilt uses all 40 skus in the line…It looks hard but really it is not…it is made in 4 different blocks…and the four blocks put together make this fabulous quilt.  It can be used on a bed or as a lap quilt…IMG_8973

Deep Blue...This fun quilt starts out with a block and then we just surrounded it with every fabric in the line again….but there’s a secret way to put this together …and it’s not one at a time!  This quilt is a Moda kit and it comes in a beautifully designed box!



Indiana Indigo…is a complex looking project that really is just a bunch of Half Square Triangles and then another unit with squares on point and then stitched together with some sashing strips and we end up with this little masterpiece…This project again is super scrappy using every fabric in the group…


Baeyer StarIs named after the Johan…who won the Nobel Prize for his work with Indigo dyes…where would us Americans be without our bluejeans?  Here he is…just a little history lesson…

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer (German: [ˈbaɪɐ]; 31 October 1835 – 20 August 1917) was a German chemist who synthesised indigo,[1]developed a nomenclature for cyclic compounds (that was subsequently extended and adopted as part of the IUPAC organic nomenclature). He was ennobled in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1885 and was the 1905 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.



I love this quilt on my bed…it is simple and cool at the same time….The quilt is just 16 big star blocks and then pieced border is the same FG unit as the star block…

We could not have a photo shoot without Jeter doing his job of quilt model….here he is in one of his fine poses…IMG_9023

and best of all…Kali who helps me with the photography is on leave with Baby #4 Drew…and…he came along with Mama, and of coarse he had to test drive the baby quilt!  Meet Baby Drew…he has a beautiful head of dark hair and blue eyes that are staying blue!  Must have been that Indigo dye doing it’s thing…IMG_8976

Trust me Grandma, Auntie, GiGi, Mimi and Nana’s. what every your name or title is…this quilt is perfect!  Don’t you just want to wrap him up and rock him…just for a little while?

also..last but not least…Indigo Gatherings precuts are on sale as well!!! They all are 20% off and are preorders…They will be coming in January and we are thinking that if you order for your MBH3 they will just be a week or so late…so not too bad…Here are all the precuts offered.IMG_9034

Please leave a comment to win some Indigo Gatherings precuts on January 1st!!!

What is your greatest accomplishment as a quilter/stitcher?

I can’t wait to read these…All for now…Come back tomorrow for another Needful Thing…Lisa





Day 12- Quilter’s Needful Things…bling


Every person who stitches needs to have stitching bling…so whether you are a sew-ist, quilter, or wool stitcher…we have you covered…and I am sure some of you will want more than one of these…I personally own all three…all in silver…but you can get some of them in gold as well…


I love my SHEEP…and I know all my wooly stitchers will too!!…It is hand made locally from silverware…his body is a hammered spoon, his legs are a fork and the head is hand cut to match….I wanted to put these in the wool box, but she was unable to make that many…sooooooo here ya go…we have a couple hundred of them in the store now butdo not let it sit in your cart as I know we will run out…but I am sure we can make a lot of you happy…here are the details from Jessica…Click the link to take you to our website.

SALE PRICE: $28.00
Necklace is 30″ long.  Sheep is approxiamately 1 3/4″ x 2″. Made from old forks and spoons from a local artist.Limited Quantity……But we do have them available to purchase in the Shop right away or we are able to SHIP them right away as long as it is the only item in your cart.imageimage
The girls who made the next two necklaces were right across from us at market…I am a “maker” of many things so again I must have this!!! Details below from Jessica


Necklace is 20″ Long plus a 2″extender for added length if needed.  “Maker” script is approximately 1 1/2″ in width.  Nickel Free
These Necklaces are made to order, if we are able to send them before Christmas we will but please DO NOT count on them being there to open as a gift Christmas Day.
You all know I love to quilt…so I had to have this from the girls as well…I am hoping we can make their Christmas extra special because you all order one of these from this little business and we surprize them with how much we love their products!
Again…Jess’s details…



Necklace is 20″ Long plus a 2″extender for added length is needed.  Coin is approximately 1″ in width.  Nickel Free

These Necklaces are made to order, if we are able to send them before Christmas we will but please DO NOT count on them being there to open as a gift Christmas Day Thank you for your understanding!

I hope you love DAY 12…Please leave a comment and let me know which one of these is your favorite!…If you win we will let you have your choose…just in case you order one!  If you would happen to buy all three I will give you a GC for the store if you win the give-away… I will pick winners according to how many we sell..if we have lots I will pick a bunch of winners!
I will be revealing the winners on January 1st!   So comment away!
my best….Lisa

Normal IL…is everything but normal…

I love these ladies…this is my third time there…December 5-7th…I did my trunk show on Re-creating Antique quilts…and how they inspire me…It’s fun to show the Antique and then the re-creation…sometimes it is exact but most of the time it is not…

But after the trunk show I taught two workshops…one wool..and one small piecing…

Here are the ladies enjoying class…wool class- Snowman for Hire



Look at those beautiful stitches!IMG_7688

Linda came all the way from Kansas!IMG_7687IMG_7685IMG_7683IMG_7682IMG_7681 2IMG_7678IMG_7677 2IMG_7675 2IMG_7673 2IMG_7672IMG_7670IMG_7669 2

I can’t tell you how fun it is to have my book with me…those step by step, photo by photo explanations are just as good as me explaining it to them in person….

Next class…lots of beautiful machines…beautiful blocks…and beautiful ladies…pattern was Jacob’s Ladder…image

This little quilt was made from a charm pack of Flower Garden Gatherings…Starch, Triangle papers, ands little 1″ four patches make this quilt pretty simple!


If you love purple…you will love Noemi’s next couple of pics…yes she’s knows what she likes and she loves every minute of it too!IMG_7716IMG_7715IMG_7714


why not use an old gift card as a seam guide…use poster tape to adhere to your sewing machine bed…Thanks for the tip girls!


we made perfect 1″ triangles with our Triangle papers…IMG_7705IMG_7704IMG_7703IMG_7702

Erin was even cutting her wool pieced at dinner for the other side of the mat!  Awesome!IMG_7695

Thank you Ladies…It was so much fun!  I’m glad your all only 4 hours away!

I got home just in time for Baby O’s 1st birthday party on Sunday!

IMG_7726IMG_7734IMG_7737IMG_7744IMG_7752IMG_7753IMG_7769 2IMG_7771 2IMG_7774 2

Now let’s get ready for Christmas!..

Thank you all for reading this blog…and get ready to have some fun  on FRIDAY!

my best…Lisa


I am home from my last teaching job of the year…and…

I have so much to share with you and wanted to earlier in the month but Jessica said I could not post because they were so busy at the shop getting the Primitive
Christmas Event stuff out…so now most of that is on the way to you or you have already received it…and again…thank you for the best ever Christmas event!

Now it’s time to show off some of my student’s work…and boy let me tell you this last trip to CA and then to Normal IL (next post…this one got way too long…lol)…I have lots to share…

Right before our Christmas Event I was in CA for our Christmas Retreat…which usually happens after Thanksgiving but since it was a late date this year we got switched to before Thanksgiving!!!  If you want to join the fun we are doing it again in June 7-11th!  Please call the CA shop to sign up.

If I have some names mixed up or something like that…I apologize in advance…please shoot me an email and I can update it…but with 60 ladies it is a lot to keep track of…

also…I have linked the projects to their source of information for your convenience.  Just click on it and it will take you there!

Let’s start off by showing off Angela’s FINISHED Twilight Garden!!!

Angela works at the CA store…stop in and take her wool class that meets once a week…as you can see she definitely is qualified!!!

We play a few games for sewing prizes and then maybe for dollars….oh..shoot…there is always the one…

One of our retreat projects was this project called….Have Ewe Any Wool?

Then we worked on the Peace Love Joy pillow.…if you placed an order during our Primitive Christmas event you have this pattern!

And then our last project was the Santa of the ladies put hers on red flannel so I have to show this off!Here is the stitchery after it was washed to remove sulky product that you can run through the copy machine and stick on your fabric and stitch through it…I will do a whole post on this soon…and no the my MODA red flannel does not run…in case you are wondering!

Here it is all dried and beautiful!

Now here are a bunch of photos of the ladies working on their projects…

Look at the tiny flannel Dresden’s being made…

Theresa..thought she would escape me… I did catch her working instead of shopping one time!  The ladies went crazy over the wool subscription boxes!  I think that is the PG website still on her computer!!!

Neatest person at retreat…I won’t reveal who you are…but I wonder…no I’m sure her sewing room looks the same….

My sewing space is never this clean or organized…

I see lots of wool box projects in this next photo…

Look…my NEW book being used!!!!  Sales are crazy!!! Thank you to those who already have it…and tell everyone about it!!!  Wool, Needle & Thread…the go-to guide for wool appliqués!  



Here was our show and tell on Wednesday night…

Glenda she put her Santa embroidery on a pre-made table runner.img_7405Deborah Thomas shared Covered with Love from Farmhouse Gatherings book.



       and Deborah and  Karen shared blocks from A Primitive Garden  .img_7409

Karen Twilight Garden Freebie calledAll things Grow with Loveimg_7410

and a project from Kathy Campbell….HOMEimg_7411

Karen is also the one who put Santa embroidery on red flannelimg_7412

 Debbie Brigle Houses by Yoko Saitoimg_7413

    Traveling Stitching pillowimg_7414                             Nest block ready to be framedimg_7416

                                    June retreat project – Personalized Pumpkinimg_7417

                                    “I love naps” from Farmhouse Gatheringsimg_7418

                                    Pre-cut welcome banners from Primitive Gatheringsimg_7419

                                    Perseverance…Flag runners (pre-cut tumbler mini blocks)img_7420img_7422

  1. Judy ?-schmit Nightmare before Christmas Bannersimg_7423
  2. Michelle Howe Teacup blockimg_7424

Stitchen’ heaven – holiday snow village (x 2)

Teapot w/teacups exchange table topper (round)img_7427

  1. Denise Snells Woolen needle Autumn splendorimg_7428

Enchanted Garden …..zen birdimg_7429

  1. Lisa Bofress Stitcher’s pillow Juneimg_7431

Penny Pinkeep…img_7432

Santa Embroideryimg_7434

Welcome banner – sunflowersimg_7436

Pumpkin welcome pillowimg_7438

Everlasting blocks (all of them except two from the wool subscription box)img_7439

Nancy Anthology book….182 blocks so far Click HERE for Book


  1. Sandy Retreat sheepimg_7440
  2. Irene Cute as a button – Lynne Wilde

Country Quilts Pattern – Quilt maniaimg_7441

Retreat Sheepimg_7513

  1. Jane Summer’s wool block of the weekimg_7442
  2. Paula Barnes…. Lucy Bostonimg_7444

Retreat sheep projectimg_7445

  1. Pat JordanHouses (same as Debbie Bricker)img_7447img_7446

                                    PG – Table Runner – Pumpkin Farmimg_7448
Notions basket – donation for fundraiser from Shirley’s class…    (I think I missed this pic as well)

  1. Laura PG – Pumpkin Spice pillowimg_7451

(June retreat sunflowers welcome banner missed this photo)

Tuscan Village quilt top (Blue and orange)


  1. Kerri Domingues Turtle collage – Susan Calrson design img_7454

Peace Love Joy w/three snowgirlsimg_7455

Heirloom Rose..this summer’s wool block of the weekimg_7456

  1. Nancy Hogan PG – Snowman catcher pillowimg_7458

Shirley’s shared her notions basket that was a class at CA storeimg_7459

                                  and  Tula Pink Tabby Road – Judy Niemeyer raindrops paper pieceimg_7460Cathy Winger from Utah!! shared Santa Embroidery…img_7461

          Twilight Garden Grey Border (Lake flannel color)img_7463

                                          Retreat Sheep (sorry missed this pic)

Halloween Beware blocks – x3     img_7464

Project portfolio bag with red cardinal birdimg_7466

  1. Rosanne… Thimble Creek design red and white quilt which I cannot locate on their website…img_7467

Retreat Sheep – smaller sizeimg_7468

PG – Summer Bloomsimg_7469

Becky…Fun Friends and Fat Quarters by Val Krueger /Primitive Gatherings bookimg_7470

                                    Father and Son Pillow img_7471

Peace Love and Joyimg_7472Bev Johnson  all the way from Oregon shared  9″ Wool Stockings from Primitive Gatheringsimg_7474Hillary…I Believe…img_7475

                                    Santa and reindeer “In the Photo booth” wall hangingimg_7477Mary Jane Peace Love Joy pillow and  Santa Clause embroideryimg_7480

                             Joanne Big Turkey (pink color way) “Gather”img_7481


Make and Take ornamentimg_7483

Retreat sheepimg_7484Barbara Loyce…  Everlasting blocks from wool box


LOVE pillow from Farmhouse Gatheringsimg_7486Susan….. Irish Chain… Penny’s place – connecting threadsimg_7488

Kathy Tuttle… Retreat sheep with an additional crow to make it her own…img_7489

  1. Connie Boulay… Wool Box – Fall pillowimg_7490

                                    Ornament hangingimg_7491

                                    Pin cushion #2, 3, 4 (w/ 3D printer box her hubby made)img_7494img_7492img_7493

Luna table mat

Wool Box (Hello Spring table runner)img_7496

June retreat welcome banner sunflowersimg_7497

Moon Garden last year’s SALimg_7498img_7499

Maureen shared her finished Somewhere in Time Quiltimg_7500Carol Manfito …Patchwork stockings img_7502

Autumn Love three-blocks runner from Lori Holt…the CA store has 3 kits for the whole kit and lots of Lori Holts fabrics…img_7504

Bee Happy quilt from Lori Holt img_7505

SoCal Fall pumpkins quiltimg_7506

  1. Mama Shirley Murch…. Stitchin’ Pillowimg_7507

and a dark version of  Somewhere in Time….Summer Block of the week:img_7510Gloria…. Retreat Sheepimg_7511Linda Ohio Star quilt blocksimg_7512Rosalind’s  Notions basketimg_7450

So thanks for hanging around til the end and I hope you enjoyed all their accomplishments…and we would love to have you attend this beautiful retreat in Temecula Wine Country….we retreat in June and November.  We do an awesome goodie bag and all the projects come with the price of the retreat.  Call the CA shop if you wish to find our anymore info…951-304-9787

Look for my next post from Normal IL…


This post contains links to buy or learn about the projects.  Some are to our Primitive Gatherings website…some are to the the original designers web sites…some are affiliate links.  I may make a small percentage of the sale if you order from the affiliate links.  I do not make any money when linking to other designer’s  websites…I do this because they are in the same business as I am and trying to run their small businesses.  I hope this makes sense…I do the links instead of answering single questions of “where can I buy this?” or “who’s pattern is this?”…if there is no link I either do not know of where it came from or I already linked it earlier in the post.