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Triangle Gatherings…Block 31

How are you all doing??? I’m hanging out with “little man” today…wonder what we will get into today…just before nap time we were blowing bubbles and shooting them with the squirt gun!!!  Look close you can see the bubbles!!!

Here’s a block for the weekend!!!


Click here to print block-31



So it all centered around a concert…Eric Church…for our 19th Anniversary…I booked this in Sept/2016…and waited to get- away….Nick loves to play slot machines, a certain one…his fondness is for the Wheel of Fortune…and he literally has a lucky horse shoe up his behind…and usually wins big money……now I’m not for this becoming a weekly thing,…but a couple of times a year we do it, so we stayed at the Potawatomi Casino & was beautiful…had great restaurants and we had a lot of fun… him being able to visit a casino was also part of my plan…

I play Black Jack…and yes…I know when to take a hit and when not to…when to double down and when to split…and mostly when to stay…I play so Nick can play…I grew up watching my Aunties and Uncles and Grandma playing cards…so I know gambling well…I also know the downfall of it…thus the couple of times a year…I get bored playing BJ so after awhile so I end by betting more than the usual and either I break even and quit or they get my $100 bucks.  ..Nick knows how to play responsibly…we have a daily limit we will lose and then when it’s gone we do something else..but mostly he can play for hours on end…but if he is up a lot…he knows when to cashout and quit…that’s when I can have some fun…Thursday night…Nick did well…

So on Friday we went to the Harley Davidson museum…bought a few souvenirs…It was fantastic…but it was crowded because it was Milwaukee Day…if you wore something Milwaukee you got in Free…so lots of people…who really weren’t interested in what was going on, but it was free and something to do…so we will go back…but here’s some pics…I wore my HD hat…so I got in Free too!!

What a creative way to store the T-shirts???

Customization to the max…to resemble a 57 chevy…

More bling-ed out bikes…this one had rhinestones everywhere…

restoring bikes in the shop…


Bikes for police…the mail…they had them from every year since they we made..

All the tank designs…

These were the original ones…from 1903-05

There was so much to see…this is just a glimpse, really….if this interests you or your hubby it is defiantly worth going…It’s free if you belong to the Harley Owners Group…and $20 if you don’t…

Did you see this…Nick’s Dad worked for the Neenah foundry for over 30 years…see the top? Maybe he made this?

After lunch it was time for me to go shopping…Nick went to go play his games….I Uber-ed to the historical Third Ward…got my hair done for the concert later that night…here was my inspiration photo for her…

Here’s what it ended up like…not too bad huh?

So it was on to the Public Market where I found homemade chocolates for Easter, It was so awesome and I have to go back with someone to eat all the goodies… My phone was on low battery so I had to conserve it so I could Uber back home….so no photos…I shopped the bookstore, a dress boutique- for something new for Market/St Louis…a new urban general store where I bought 5 cute little succulents and these cute PLANTERS for them…I found them here on Amazon…where again they are a great deal…I payed 11.95 for each one of mine..but oh well…It was on Nick and I was supporting a little business so that’s what matters….I shopped till my arms hurt from carrying my bags..

Then the concert…I know some of you will not even know who this guy is…but I have loved him for years…he’s different…he writes his own songs…he doesn’t like to conform…he’s different…and he’s really really good…played almost 4 hours…no opening act…gave us all he had…Nick is now a new fan…both our legs hurt from standing so long!!!

Opened with Hallelujah…and then a Milwaukee High School choir…so cool…

We need some practice in the Selfie department…

Nick sometimes doesn’t want me to share…but then I explained to him…some of you will never see the Harley museum..will never get to NC to walk up a lighthouse and stay in a vacation home of anyones dream…I didn’t know about the Historical Third Ward…and also It’s kind of a journal for me…so he conceded…and understands that me sharing this with you is not an invasion of privacy but sharing our experiences with those who may not be able to…or showing them somewhere to go themselves when they are in the same locations!!!

Well…take care…and a TG block is coming soon…thanks for following our adventure to the end…Lisa





Something to ponder…

I don’t know about you…but… do you find yourself not living your life?  I sometimes feel like I’m attached to my phone, my iPad, my fitbit, way too much…and I feel like I am missing out…I don’t mean I’m going to ditch this stuff but what about making sure I step away from it all briefly each day…

While exploring the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee the other day I was boutique shopping and I went into a book store…I love book stores…the smell of paper, all the writing utensils..and I stumbled upon this…It was perfect for how I have been feeling lately..

The Introduction is here…

Inside…there are 365 things to do…one a day…and you don’t have to go in order…just pick one…and do it!!! They also have a spot to reflect on it and the date you completed it…here are some of the pages…

I’ve found it here on Amazon if you want to join me in this daily detox….Click here and order yours on Amazon: Unplug Every Day

I also bought this book too… I will be doing a post on this one soon too!!!  But as long as you are on Amazon…you may as well get this one too!!!


One Good Deed A Day  Here is the link for it…but they are in the frequently bought together on Amazon too!

The books are about 4″x6″ and very nicely done…and will fit in your purse!!!

So lets start living a better life…

My best,






Block 7 Moda Blockheads



Today’s block is designed by the famous Kansas Trouble lady…Lynne…I know I have a tub full of her fabric…when I started quilting it was my favorite!!! Then as you evolve as a quilter our preferences expand and expand and before you know it you love most everything!!!

CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN FOR LYNNE’S BLOCK…It is in RED on her blog page also…

Because I am making two sets of blocks…. I made an alternative block for this for my pieced quilt…

Cutting for Winged Star  … yes this is a PDF

You need to make 4 Flying Geese units for the small star block

Star block will measure 2 1/2″ at this point…about the size of our thread spools…lol..this is a new color I just got…

You will need to make 10- Red HST and 14 Navy HST.  I have shown you earlier how to make these…I strongly suggest triangle papers and they do not take any time at all to make…I know some of you use different methods…but ALL of them take sooooo much longer to make…and then your trimming them to the right size and so on…just try the papers once…just to say you did…I know you may have to spend some money for them…but time is money…and your sanity is worth something also…AND it would be super NICE to support my efforts in doing these extra blocks that are not appliqué…ASSORTED TRIANGLES paper can be purchased here…these are multiple sizes that I may be using throughout the year for these blocks.

I know some of my followers will leave comments about how the HST Papers have made a big different in their quilting…we also have Triangle Gatherings on Facebook and my blog here…again…tons of fun join in…we are 30 blocks into 90 for the year!! Now back on track…

Stitch the HSTs together into four patches

Into rows…

and then the rows together…


Here the back for how I pressed seams…

Question of the Week…Rulers…

I definitely have a favorite…because I have designed them for Creative Grid-the best rulers out there…with that no slip grip!!! But my rulers have all dashed lines…nothing solid…you can see your fabric at every point which is essential to accurate piecing, if you cannot cut accurate, your stitching will not be either!!!

Also…did you ever cut 3/8″ when you really needed 5/8″? all the 1/8″ marking are marked on these rulers…along with the white and black lines for dark/light fabrics, these rulers are the awesome!!! 3×7 and 6×6 RULERS here and 5×15 HERE …We are also working on one more size!!!

So that’s all I have for you today…Make it a good one, and make sure you do see everyones blocks!!!


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Block 29 & 30…Triangle Gatherings

I am wishing everyone a Happy Easter, whether your spending it with family, friends or in your sewing room…I am getting ready to make the Green Bean casserole I always make for family get togethers, Grandma Teri is cooking her spread where 17 of us will gather…

I have stashed a bucket full of goodies for “little man” when we come home to Anchor Point…and we will hide it in his favorite place…the washy washy…he loves pressing the buttons and the music it plays…Luke and Brooke are in WI and I am looking forward to having “my” family together in one place to spend some time together as well…doesn’t happy very often anymore…

You haven’t heard much from me…I have taken three days off…from everything, no paper work, no posting, no sewing…just did some fun stuff and will post about it later… I know some of you will be real busy today and that’s awesome…I am happy for you….so if your spending today home stitching that’s awesome too here two blocks to keep you company!!!

take care my friends…Lisa


Click Here to print block-29Click here to print block-30



CA Sit & Stitch…Soooo much fun!

Well….I hope you all are up to your ears in blocks that you have to get done to keep up!…It is so fun to be busy and look forward to spending time with your machine…even if you have only 15 mins here and there….it all adds up when doing these triangle blocks and of course the Moda Blockhead blocks too!

I have returned from California after a rough start…plane was delayed a whole day…so my Saturday class turned into a Sunday class…then it was 3 more classes on Monday & Tuesday and then home quickly to spend some time with Nick to celebrate our 19th Anniversary…but here is a recap of my trip…hope you are inspired!!

Sunday…Well I didn’t have the full class that I was supposed to have on Saturday but I am happy for the 5 that could make it…This class was on “big stitch” quilting….This class was Barbs idea…she came in one day and showed a bunch of quilts and I said they would make awesome hand quilted quilts….I told her to see if she could find a used quilting frame and she could bring it in and I’d show her how to get started…

We basted the quilt in class…its an American flag for her son’s classroom….then we learned the big-hand quilting stitch on our large feathered wreaths or another project if they had one…and Barb got started on her quilt frame doing 3″semi circles piled on top of each other…not quite clam shells but close…can your see them on the edge of the frame?


Then a bunch of full classes on Monday and Tuesday’s…I sure do have fun with these girls…

Julie showed her finished Magic of Christmas quilt!!! I’m bringing it home for photography for our book…


Do you remember Sylvia???? The one who I made her redo a whole block my way in a previous Sit & Stitch?

She came back!  And brought her friend Shari…Here she is with a new  finished top called Old Dirt Road…this features my Little Gatherings II line of fabrics…

She pieced her Blockhead #5 block in class…

Here’s Shari making homespun Winnebago Waves quilt!!!


Then Shirley was working on her~My Crazy Life…only has 4 more to stitch and she can put the top together… Here is Snowflake Catcher…started in class…Kristine and Terry were both making this…

Kim is working on Lisa’s Flower Garden…

Elaine is working on Triangle Gatherings… Go back to the January posts if your interested in learning about Triangle Gatherings…

New class coming to PG CA…Yoko Saito design, in her newest book Scrap Valley…Tina will be teaching this!!!

Liz and her Triangle Gathering blocks-did you also notice the quilt in the background!!! Yes that’s MaryLou’s finished Clara’s Stars…

Karen and her finished Just Picked… and some of her “My Crazy Life” blocks…Sorry Karen…wish this was a better pic…

Sharon’s My Crazy Life blocks…showing her “own” blocks…one featuring her doggie…

Alice’s(hope I got this right) Hummingbird Garden blocks…Alice is pictured in the pink next to Sharon in that photo…

Georgia’s own My Favorite Things…

About half of the girls had show & share…so it was a lot of fun to see them getting their projects completd.  I am very proud of this women and what they are accomplishing!!!

My next dates in CA…a retreat in June 11-14 and Sit & Stitch August, 28 & 29…Big stitch quilting August 26th…Call if you want to join the fun…951-304-9787

I hope you enjoyed Show & Share…and maybe this will inspire you to stitch on your project if you have this one OR to order yourself one on our website!

my best…





It’s a….Splendid Sampler… Day!!!

I so excited and honored to be apart of this community of quilters selected to be apart of another great book from Martingale…we all know how great their books are …the photos are amazing!!!

Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are the masterminds behind this book…It started as a “sew along”, featuring 100 designers/blocks and now brought together in this beautiful book!!!  The book also contains a gallery of finished quilts which gives you ideas on how to put the blocks together and instructions on some of the different techniques used in the blocks…

If you want to add this book to your collection of block books you can order it here…SPLENDID SAMPLER BOOK.

Primitive Gatherings will be giving away a Moda Layer Cake to someone who orders a Splendid Sampler book on our website by the 17th of April.

We will not ship them out until we have received all the orders and pick a winner…

There are also a lot of other information and many give-aways going on if you visit this Link...SPLENDID SAMPLER.

Good Luck and I hope you win something cool!!!


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