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Look what we have in stock!!

It’s finally here, as promised I said I would let you all know…we are still waiting for it on the roll, but you now can order the sheets! Click HERE   

Happy fusing…I will let you know when it comes in, in the 28 and 24 widths…LB
photo 3


Stitch Along Part 4…


Here is Part 4 for the Stitch Along!

Your kits will ship later this week they will be $9…remember to get a 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler or order one from our site they are  on sale for $11.95.  The ruler and Part 4 can be ordered -on the NEW page…scroll down a few offerings….HERE  

If you are on Auto ship you do not have to order again. Unless you want the ruler…you can email and tell us to send it along or your can place an order.

lisabongeanI am o1754n my way to lisabongeanPieced SALGeorgia today to teach a workshop with the Gwinnett Quilt guild and do a trunk show on Tuesday September 16 at 9:30-12:30…I think you can come as a guest for the trunk show if you are in the area…I love the GA girls…we are going to have a blast in class!

Now for some customer show and  share…BarbCutlerBarb Cutler is sharing her embellished center block!  Karen Schultz

Karen Schulz is showing off here up to date SAL!  and I am going to add this in here…

Kathy Bowen’s Words to Live By: all quilted and finished! How wonderful!!  Happy Monday! LBIMG_0115IMG_0118IMG_0116kathy bowen




Market is over….now festival begins…

Just want to say HI, after a long time away…this little quilter has survived market and has lots to talk about when I get home….

Here are our quilts in the Moda booth…the small quilts worked really well on the ladder as the sales reps could easily grab them bring them over to the quilt shop owners to feel and admire how wonderful the quilting shows up on these primitive muslin flannels…they have the best feel to them…it’s hard to describe what it is but it is something different than the other flannels…

These patterns and kits will be available next month as Moda has ordered them in advance for a late November shipping. Tell your local shops about them as lots of shop owners do not attend market…. They are available on 8 yard bolts if they order all 25 colors…also they are basics so we will be designing many future projects with them…they have the look and feel of wool, but not the cost!!!


and the winner is?

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments…It is the coolest thing ever to be a MODA designer and get to meet tons of quilters through our LOVE of fabric.  I don’t have to remind you that Moda is the best fabric company around hands down.  It shows in everything they do and how they treat everyone from designers, to shop owners and then end consumers.  It takes a lot creativity, effort and attention to detail to do all things MODA.

I hope while you visited my blog your subscribed so we can continue to quilt together all year long.  I currently am finishing up on all the pattern writing that comes along with Lakeside Gatherings. IMG_9909 Did you notice that Lakeside has homespuns also?There are 24 total light and dark homespuns.  They are again just gorgeous… so soft and wonderful companions to the prints.  Almost all of the antique quilts I collect have homespuns in them.  Here is the homespun FQ bundle next to the print FQ’s.  I know the homespun is going to be scarce as production numbers we not nearly what the prints were…so if you see it in your Local Quilt Shop grab it up…just an FYI.  If you want to visit the precuts on our website you can pre-order HEREIMG_9911

Good Luck to you all and I hope you find your name on one of these winning posts today!  And the winner of the Lakeside Gatherings bundle is….

Amanda Kay
September 9, 2014 at 8:34 am
I love your new line. Moda is my favorite fabric to work with too! I can always tell which fabric is moda because I am drawn to it. I am just now beginning to tell the fabric from different designers too without even looking at the designer name:)

Please email us with your physical address to we can get this out to you..

Contact Judy P…at:   and she will ship it out to you!IMG_9902

Now my little friend Jeter here wants photo copyto go for a walk…he is bugging me while I type here…have a great day…and make sure you STITCH!  LB



Getting Ready to post 10th Anniversary Stitch Along Part 4…



I am done stitching both versions for Part 4 on the SAL!  Look for it to post next week…You can see a peek on the website! HERE  I want to bring to your attention that we will be making square in a square units for the next round…I just happened to have this 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler and it worked amazing for making these units…It has a center line that you line up in the corners of the square and then trim…it creates perfect 1/4″ seam allowances.  The ruler is 2 1/2″ wide so you can do both edges!  Go and get yourself one of these at your LQS if you don’t have it OR we have discounted the ruler for you all…reg.$14.95 for you it will be $11.95! It is a great size ruler for many other things as well…this won’t be the only thing you use it on!

If you  are AUTOMATICALLY receiving the SAL and would like one to be sent with your Part 4 please let us know when placing your order for the ruler (in comment section-say…send with SAL)

If you order each time the SAL posts just add it to your order it there is a drop down box for the ruler on the Part 4… and we will get it out to you with your kit.


Part 3- kit corrections- you will be getting 2 different strips of green fabric…we are NOT putting them in the Part 4 kit.  They will just be in the envelope…so make sure you look for them as well as your Part 4 kit..

If you get your SAL automatically we have already corrected or will be correcting yours with Part 4.

If you order each time the SAL posts we will also be sending the 2 green strips with your Part 4.

If for some reason you are NOT going to order Part 4 and you did order Part 3, email us and we will get the 2 strips out to you.

Again, I apologize for this and hurried to get Part 4 done so you can finish up your Part 3.


Now no more words now…Here is a 10ASAL- that this kind Quilter( please email me with your name again…I know I wrote it down somewhere)brought to Grand Rapids show to show me…Isn’t it awesome! Can’t wait to see her next rounds…securedownload-1

Martha MumawHere us Martha Mumaw’s SAL!  Did you notice it is on point??

Please send your SAL photos to:

Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to send me some photos!!! I love getting them..LB


Good News Chattanooga TN…Bad News Atlanta GA…

Just want everyone to know we will be in Chattanooga  TN tomorrow for the AQS show!  Bad News…We are NOT going to be in Atlanta for the Original Quilt and Sewing Expo…We are so sorry, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control…so if you are in GA- I guess you are going to have to go to Chattanooga to see us…Nick and Amy are there…Nicks says  it is only 100 miles from the Atlanta show location and he wanted me to let everyone know ahead if possible…

Something you might want to pick up at the show…new packaging for wool appliqué needles…photo 8We are going to start selling them wholesale to shops and had to change the packaging as the cards were too labor intensive…we will still sell the cards in our store but not to shops.  The new packaging comes with 12 needles…6 just aren’t enough for me…tell your local shops to order them from us ( or Moda will have them too!  I don’t have them on the website yet but will soon!   I promise I’ll let you know when in case you need some.  If you use our #24 chenille needles and can’t live without them…comment on this post and I’ll pick the best ones and send you some!  Be truthful…I want real testimonies…not like the fat loss ones.

I am home working on Fall Market, Lakeside Gathering quilts and lots of other stuff…I will be in Gwinnett GA teaching next week, so I am not at the show….I hope the GA girls are ready to have some fun!!!

I posted earlier about my hand quilting project that I was working on…I finished it up the end of August…here it is..all finished! photo 9 photo 7You can kind of see my sewing space at the Lakehouse here…see how close I am to the water?  I sew right in the middle of everything…there is no sewing room for me…I love it…I can cook..and quilt at the same time…Nick hates my mess though…I was doing a bunch of cutting and just swooshed it all on the floor, it was all kinds of dog ears and little trimmings and he was like…What’s going on here?  I was like..What?  but anyway…I love to hand quilt…I get up pretty early…the morning is the best time to think about things, about what I need to accomplish that day and just lose myself in the stitches and you can’t beat the view!….

photo 10I also started working on my Modern Building Blocks BOM that is starting at Primitive Gathering in October ….It is a huge adjustment from what I was stitching…Here is one of the blocks…next to…Tackle Box Mini…the Moda Love Blog quilt and the bonus project from the Pieced Block of the Week this summer… The MBB quilt is a blast…I stitched the big block…then I starting sewing and before you know it I had 4 more done! Here is a general idea of the whole quilt.  If you want to sign up and stitch these with me we are doing 3 versions…Japanese, Civil War and then the original Modern version…and yes..I am stitching the modern version..just let me get it out of my system and then I will be back to normal…I seen this quilt and spring market…it was awesome! Moda had a green couch with all sizes of pillows made from these blocks on it…I wanted it!!! If someone has a picture of this…send it to me…Here is the quilt on our website if you need to stitch along with me…There are 48 blocks total and it is only $12 buck per month… Modern Building Blocks BOM1867.3486388

Well thats about it for now…What’s everyone stitching on?



LOVE….MODA Blog Party



Welcome to the Moda Blog tour!!!…I am Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings…I’m glad you stopped by…I have been a moda designer for a couple of years now and I truly LOVE it!! I design under Primitive Gatherings which happens to be the name of our quilt shop in Menasha, WI…LBthat is by Appleton.  We have a beautiful shop, my studio is in our warehouse and we also have a  retreat house right down the road, so come visit if you are ever in the area! Look for workshops and retreats coming in 2015!  I LOVE being home…you should come see me!

For this blog tour the crew at Moda has prepared some questions for us…so you get to know us a little better…

When did you start quilting?   I starting quilting in 1996…while I was at swimming lessons with the boys on a Saturday morning…a lady was hand quilting a baby quilt…I had never seen a patchwork quilt before…I asked her how she cut them all up and sewed them back together…she then proceeded to tell me about the “quilt shop” in town…

Tell us about your first quilt. My first real quilt is a blue and cream  star quilt…It was from an American Patchwork & Quilting magazine… It is hand quilted…I really didn’t know what I was doing  but It turned out and I didn’t give up on it…I have a 1/2″ binding…the quilting is a little quirky…but for my first completed real quilt…I LOVE it!lisabongean/primitivegatherings

border cable with 1/2" binding..

border cable with 1/2″ binding..

Close up of hand quilting lisabongean/primitivegatherings

Close up of hand quilting

When did you fall in LOVE with quilting/ textiles? and Why? After I took my first quilting class…which felt like an eternity waiting to attend it…I was sooooo In LOVE…I could do it!…it was actually easy for me…my head was spinning…they were all talking about other shops….guilds and sewing groups…I was in heaven…
What fuels you to create? I just love to see what I can make with my hands..I can see it in my head and it is amazing that I actually can make it happen! I love math…but being creative, organized and keeping all those numbers straight sometimes can be very overwhelming!  I LOVE what I do…and have a hard time know when to hang it up for the day…so I guess that means I am doing what I am supposed to!
What is the best part of your design process? The best part for me…is making all the choices…what fabrics to use….should I set them “on point” or straight…should I make big blocks or make them as tiny as I can…I LOVE being in control of any and all of those decisions!  
I love the color……Right now my favorite color to work with is Moda…anything Moda…but seriously…I used to not care too much for the color white…you never saw me create with white…but somehow, maybe because I am older or should I should say mature, it has grown on me…I like being able to create homey warm projects with my normal “white” which is tan. But as of late…I am using some white… it is nice to be more versatile…more current or if I wish to or go back to a more vintage style I can…so I guess what I am trying to say is…it good to have more choices.
When I teach classes or workshops, I love…..Teaching my students all the tricks…I remember what it is like to be in quilt class and how exciting it was…My intent is to inject them with  excitement and be confident with the skills I have taught when the class is over.  I want them to LOVE this as much as I do!
This project features a layer cake, charm pack or mini charm, but what is your all time favorite moda precut? I would prefer the FQ tower! That is the best precut!!! This question is like saying do you want one scoop of ice cream or two?  The more fabric the better…

Who would you like to spend a day with… I would love to spend the day with a bunch of Moda designers…just to see what we could come up with?  Maybe a fabric line…we all could contribute one sku?  Kind of a collaboration line…give the $$$ to a charity…

The Project…

For my quilt project I chose the mini charms…partly because I did not have my fabric line to work with yet…so we had to use Homestead Gatherings…which is good…cause you can make this right now!!! It takes 2 mini charms and probably a yard of primitive muslin.  We only used the reds, greens, blacks and browns…we saved the lights for the back…So if you are following the pattern use the Primitive Muslin as your light.  We then bordered the 12″ block with a 4″ wide border.  Piece the remaining light mini charms…add some primitive muslin squares also to make 64- 2  1/2″ squares needed for the back.  You will also have to border this too. I would put a 6″ border on the back.  If you need to order Homestead Gathering precuts you can do so here: PRECUTS   If you need to order Primitive muslin…you can do that here:  PRIMITIVE MUSLIN   We used Paper Bag 1040-24. Our little quilt finished 19″x 19″ after quilting.



Moda Mini Charm quilt back

Moda Mini Charm quilt back

I wish I had the Lakeside Gatherings for this  big star pattern to make a couch snuggling quilt with it for our Lakehouse. When we are done making all the samples for actual quilts in the line I  will be making the charm version.  Here are a few pictures of the quilts from Lakeside Gatherings being made in progress…The Lakeside Gatherings line is coming in December 2014…securedownload-5 securedownload-4 securedownload-6 securedownload

The Giveaway…IMG_9902

If you wish to be entered in a drawing for this Fat 8th pack of Lakeside Gatherings please leave me a comment on this post, and make sure you go visit all the other designers to  win there prizes as well, see below for links!

The Pattern… 


Well I hope you are all enjoying this tour of blogs…Good luck and I hope you win a prize!!!

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Winners Announced on ALL Designer Blogs listed above

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